Giveaway: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Undead by Don Borchert

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About The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Undead: In the tradition of the blockbuster sensation Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Tor is proud to offer up The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead. Taking the original coming of age classic, Don Borchert has inflicted it with a taste of the macabre, as the world has been overrun by a Zombie epidemic that in the South has been dubbed “Zum.” Where in the original text you would find Tom Sawyer duping his friends into whitewatching the fence, now in that same scene, Tom and his friends sharpen the edges of the fence to ward off Zombie approaches. Where Tom Sawyer doesn’t have to fake his dealth, just merely pretends to be a Zum. The murderous Injun’ Joe is the first of the rising self-realized zombies, who know what they are and are even more vicious for it.

This twist on the Mark Twain classic is sure to appear both to young readers who are exposed to this through school, horror readers who love a good Zombie tale, and those of use who grew up with Mark Twain’s loveable characters. The book will be illustrated with key scenes from the original tale, now with Zombie injection.

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  2. This book looks way funny. If it’s anything like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies i’m sure it’ll be pretty funny. Thanks a lot for posting. Mark Twains writing style mixed with zombies is a sure win.