Towers of Midnight e-book Coming in January 2011

Tor Books is pleased to announce that the e-book edition of Towers of Midnight will be available for purchase January 31, 2011.

As with all our other digital editions of The Wheel of Time, Art Director Irene Gallo will be commissioning new cover art for the e-book. Please follow for more details as the project develops.

Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson is the thirteenth book in Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time Series and a #1 NYT bestselling novel.

0 thoughts on “Towers of Midnight e-book Coming in January 2011

  1. I love that you are going to finally release it, but I really wonder why Tor is delaying it even this long.

    Most of the readers of ebooks are fairly savvy in regards to the internet. You can already find ToM in every format of ebook you would want.

    Why are you delaying the release of something people want, when by that very delay you make it more likely that people will pirate it? Give people what they want when they want it.

  2. Thank you, Tor, for not making us wait a year! But I still don’t understand why you wouldn’t release it with the hardback. Worried about ebook cutting into the lucrative hardback revenue? Then raise the price for initial release; lower it later! Amazon gave you that ability, and those of us who want to read it now will pay! A report this week said that ebook sales has reached a billion dollar industry mark. And the New York Times is going to have an ebook best seller list. Your ebook readers matter, too, Tor!

  3. Folks, as Brandon has said on his Twitter feed, its not Tor that made the decision. Its Harriet, Robert Jordan’s widow. Its her decision, and as the person in charge of these decisions, you should probably ask her. 😉

    It originally wasn’t happening till NOVEMBER 2011, but Brandon Sanderson requested it happen sooner. He didn’t have any idea that it was going to be delayed either, but when he did, he did his best. So lets thank Brandon for helping (and writing!) and thank Harriet for letting us have the eBook version a LOT sooner than originally intended.

  4. I’m sorry Tor/Harriett McDougal/whoever, but I am cancelling my ebook pre-order. I had pre-ordered BOTH the hardcover AND the ebook before the release date. I was extremely discouraged to find the ebook release was delayed. I like having a nice, pristine hardcover for my bookshelf collection and prefer reading ebooks on my Kindle. However, now that I’ve read the book, there is no reason to buy the ebook until I’m ready to do my final WoT read through after the last book is released and the price has dropped. I would have gladly paid the original $14.99 price of the pre-order on the hardcover release date. That’s your loss.

    Fear not though, my morals will prevent me from obtaining a pirated version and I would never leave a review of the book with a lower rating that it deserved just because it wasn’t available in ebook format.

    I’m so over the WoT. I’m ready for the series to be over so I can move on with life.

  5. I too would like to know if it’s world wide if not that is really unfair and will make piracy the only way for those outside the US and Canada. I have just loked on and there is no listing.

  6. Highly unfair the US/Canada getting it in January. According to Little Brown, not Orbit who release the WoT series in the UK, they still have it as November. So all the UK is getting royally shafted. Why does everyone in America think the world stops outside their borders when it comes to releases like this?

    • Orbit is one of Little Brown’s imprints and the imprint that publishes Wheel of Time in the UK. We don’t have the digital rights for the UK nor do we set the publishing schedule. You may want to contact Orbit directly to see if they have more information. -JH

  7. This is a repost from somewhere else….yes I am that angry.

    I read 3-5 books per week depending on how much work I have any given day. Over the last 5 years I spend about 5 thousand dollars a year buying books. I purchase all types of formates. HC, SC, E books, as long as I can read it I do. There are many TOR Authors that I follow religiously and purchase there hard cover books the moment they come out. Then often end up buying an ebook version if I fill that I will reread it.

    I have bought multiable copies of this series over the years as they got lost (loaned out) or fell apart after multiable rereading (I reread the entire series each time a new book comes out).

    I will no longer purchase TOR books. I will not resort to finding a pireted copy. I am sure that at some point I will read the rest of the The wheel of time books but no one involved with this feasco will recive any more of my money.

    This is not about me not getting my ebook for cheap. This is not even about someones mistaken idea that delaying the ebook was a good idea. This is about the total lack of anything remotly resembling customer service or consideration. To offer the ebook up to just before the relese and then pull it (for a entire year ?) with no warning. Then to have no official response. NONE from TOR is frankly inexcusable. Even your standarded “we are sorry for your frustration” but nothing is going to change press realise would have been better then this silence.

    Readers become attached to what they read and that makes this type of out of the blue cold shoulder to many fans hurt more then it really should looking at things from the real world perspective. I know that noone at TOR or anyone else involved with this will read or even really care at the lose of my respect and patranage (or my spelling will chase them off) but I will fill better for the expressing of it and unfourtantly you will have that much less profit from me at the end of the year.

  8. All the histrionics aside, I am grateful that we will be able to get an ebook in January. Thanks

  9. I only buy ebooks, and only when they represent a savings over the print version. Some publishers are wisely discounting their ebooks (reflecting the reduced production costs) significantly from the hardback price. Publishers who are not so competitive, do not receive my business.