Redshirts Sweepstakes

Redshirts releases next month but we have a chance for you to win one of three advance reading copies now. Comment below to enter for a chance to win.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. You must be 18 or older and a legal resident of the 50 United States or D.C. to enter. Promotion begins May 7, 2012 at 10 a.m. ET. and ends May 11, 2012, 12:00 p.m. ET. Void in Puerto Rico and wherever prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules go here. Sponsor: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC.

0 thoughts on “Redshirts Sweepstakes

  1. I normally only have time for audiobooks, but I would make time for this.

  2. As a long time Star Trek fan, and a collector of Scalzi’s books I’d love to win an ARC of Redshirts. The would fit nicely onto my bookcase next to his other books.

  3. You teased me with the first 4 chapters & then make me wait until JUNE?! That is cruel!

  4. Three in nineteen chances – much better than the lottery. If only I believed they would stay that way…

  5. A scalzi ARC you say? I do so love to collect ARC’s and would surely send minions into the jaws of certain death to obtain one!

  6. One of our good customers came in just yesterday asking for this! He pre-ordered it, but would love to have an early copy! It’s another way indie bookstores instill loyalty and love in their patrons–great customer service, and the opportunity to read and spread the word about a book ahead of time.

  7. “to boldly go…” the most famous split infinitive in the English language. Yes I would love a copy of Red shirts.

  8. Luck be a lady tonight… luck, if you’ve ever been a lady to begin with, luck be a lady tonight… (rolls the random number generator).

  9. I’m so looking forward to the Redshirts release! I hope I’m one of the three!

  10. I was already a fan of Scalzi when I read the preview–but it changed me from a “Buy this when I feel like it” to “I MUST HAVE THIS ON DAY ONE!”

  11. I am distinctly interested in reading this. In fact, the teaser chapters released on were what took this from a “maybe” to a “definite.” So … well done.

  12. I would be happy to take one off your hands..thank you very much!

  13. Yow! Free books!

    Read the first few chapters on International Pixel-Stained TechnoPeasant Day ( I feel certain I’m missing a word there, but I can’t remember what), and I am definitely excited to read the rest of this.

  14. After reading the first few chapters, i’m looking forward to some baroque plot twists.

  15. John Scalzi is a brilliant specimen of authorhood.

    This Not Terribly Insightful comment is brought to you by the letter R and the number 37.

  16. It’s a question. It’s a comment. It’s a question it’s a comment it’s a Quemment.

  17. I heard John Scalzi read an excerpt of this at Boskone this February, and I already know it’s brilliant. Waiting till June for the rest will be brutal–unless I can grab an advance copy, that is!!!

  18. I’ve heard good things and would be tickled to win an ARC! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. i wonder if like all the other contests i enter i might finally win.

  20. I heard that if you win this contest, you will suffer a horrible, improbable death. Just saying.

  21. Ooh, then we would just have to convince John to come to Denver so I could get it signed!!!

  22. I should like to be included among the competitors also. (what do you mean this list is also being provided to the people running the Hunger Games? Nooooooooooo. Darn it, i knew wearing a red shirt today was a bad idea)

  23. I’d be very happy to get a free copy of this. Sure, I’ll be buying it if I don’t, but still…

  24. Nice! I read the first few chapters online. Looks like a fun send up of space shows!

  25. John proves once again that he can be the master of comedic sci-fi!

  26. The only thing better than getting a new John Scalzi novel would be getting one for free.
    (Gah, does that sound cheesy to anyone else?)

  27. Count me in. I love red shirts. This is some kind of fashion book? Historical trends in red shirts?

  28. Read the first four chapters and really liked it. Love military sci fi and the reference to Star Trek is a major bonus!

  29. You owe me, because I’ve purchased and given away several copies of Old Man’s War!

  30. I have a red shirt, but for the sake of self-preservation I rarely wear it out in public. I’m hoping that reading Redshirts will give me the courage to don my red shirt proudly and without fear.

  31. Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! (My favorite Redshirt of all time: Ro Laren from ST:TNG…)

  32. I too wish to receive one of these ARCs. I have a large number of paired animals which I would like to store in it for the upcoming apocalypse.

  33. Redshirts! Scalzi finally rises to the defense of the victims of the most abused trope in Science fiction. Also known as the “If it kicks Worf’s a$$, it must be tough” syndrome.

  34. I’ve already got this pre-ordered (I think) but I could use an ARC.

    Also: He’s dead, John. :)

  35. As a librarian, my wife gets all the ARCs in our family. I’d like to get an ARC for myself, as well.

  36. Pick me, Scalzi….or I’ll Hulk Smash you! Just kidding…may be….

  37. Red is my favorite color! Shirts are my favorite type of clothing!

  38. I need this book so that I may provide a wish to an under privileged child.

  39. I’ve read the first chapters, and I’d love to read the rest….and so would the kids.

  40. Please let me win so I can have bragging rights at Phoenix Comicon!

  41. Would love to make this my first Scalzi that I read. Would b great to add to my reading list.

  42. I heard the first part of this on his book tour last year. Love to read the rest, and of course a free copy is better than one I have to pay for.

  43. I’ll buy this book anyway just to support Tor and Scalzi – but ARCs are so much fun.

  44. Looking forward to this one, the first five chapters hooked me like all of Scalzi’s writing.

  45. If you give me this book I promise that I will READ it. Tall order I know but I’m up for it.

  46. Sample chapters were a blast, want to be the first kid on my block to own it.

  47. I like books. I have many, many books. I would like to add this one to my many, many books so that I can have many, many, many books.

  48. I am seriously looking forward to this book, and would absolutely love to win it!

    (then to find a way to get it signed by the Great and Powerful Scalzi himself, since he’s not coming to my state. what to do, what to do…)

  49. Gosh, a copy of Redshirts to read while I’m laid up with plantar fasciitis would be delightful. Television’s boring and books are the best. Please.

  50. Oooooh….would really love this. Can’t wait for the book to come out.

  51. I don’t always read science fiction books,

    but when I do they’re usually Star Trek-related.

  52. Scalzi books are good, free books are grand,
    Together, they’re pretty nice.
    Sorry, couldn’t come up with a better rhyme before kids got out of school…

  53. Red is my favorite color and three is my favorite number!

    (Not really, but I’d be willing to change if I won)

  54. There once was an author named Scalzi
    Not to be confused with Admiral Halsey
    He had a contest, tee hee
    To give some books away for free
    I, for one, find that quite ballsy

  55. A chance to win reads by Scalzi and to peruse the clever nerd poetry upthread? Sign me up!

  56. Doesn’t look like my previous comment posted. :-( Apologies if this is a duplicate entry, but I would really like to win this book.

  57. As a long-time fan of ST (from my boyhood just after TV became mostly affordable) and a recent fan of Mr. Scalzi’s Old Man’s War seires…I demand it! I demand it!

  58. This is a random drawing, so it doesn’t matter that my comment is not brilliant. Good thing.

  59. Hey, Redshirts! Always fun to throw my hat into the ring for a copy of one of Scalzi’s finest.

  60. I read the first chapters and if I don’t win I may have to buy the rest

  61. I can’t wait for this book to come out. John Scalzi is one of the few authors whos books I buy the day the come out.

  62. Ooh, I really want a copy of this! And yes, even if I win, I’m probably buying at least one copy as a gift.

  63. I have a very wonderful friend that is just dying to read this…Nothing would make me happier than to share it with him…Please and Thank you!!!

  64. I’m wearing my lucky shirt while I make this comment. It’s green.

  65. The first four chapters had me laughing out loud and I would love to win an ARC!

  66. 57 years ago I won something, been 0 for 57 years since then, I figure I’m due!


  67. There was a time I would buy & read (i.e., lose a weekend reading instantly) anything by Tom Clancy – now the same can be said for anything by John Scalzi!

  68. I’d gladly volunteer for an ARC of Redshirts (even if there was a good chance I wouldn’t survive the mission.)

  69. I would read this aloud, to my cats and probably to my fiance. I wouldn’t wear a red shirt since I think the cats wouldn’t appreciate and my fiance would likely take that as permission to hit me in the head with a wrench.

  70. I’m wearing a blue shirt today. Does that disqualify me? ’cause I can go change if I have to. 😉

  71. Most anticipated summer release including movies. Have already preordered it at my local bookstore, and am saving my audible credit for my post initial read listen.

  72. gimme, gimme, gimme. I, I, me, me, Mine! We’re going to need more crew. please.

  73. After reading the first couple of chapters online I definite want this book!

  74. Comment, comment, comment,
    I made you out of pixels^H^H^H^H^H^Hbytes,
    Comment, comment, comment,
    With comment I will enter!

  75. Can’t wait until this comes out, if only I had a copy to read during my cruise in 2 weeks!

  76. I’d really like a copy to give to my best friend for his birthday :)

  77. If I win this book I will change my life, be an example to those around me, and swear an oath of fealty to whoever it is I need to suck up to for a chance at getting a free copy of a book I would probably buy anyway. I pre-ordered Fuzzy Nation, which at the time I thought was a book about ZZ Top.

  78. Of COURSE I want to read your book! I’ve really enjoyed all of them and I’m not a die-hard SF fan.

  79. My pony has a first name. It’s Fyodor667! Neighbor of the Beast.

  80. Ah, well, I’d be buying it anyway, but I wouldn’t object to a early look :)

  81. So looking forward to getting my hands on this, you have no idea. Will go right next to my autographed fuzzy nation.

  82. Dur, of course I’d love to read this book! I really don’t want to wait.

  83. After reading the excerpts a few weeks ago, really looking forward to this release!

  84. I haven’t read a paper book in years, but I would make an exception for this one.

  85. I look forward to the squee of joy when I receive MY copy of the ARC! Thank you veddy much! :)

  86. John Scalzi’s writing is unparalleled, and worth reading before anybody else! ARC, here I come!

  87. Trying foe a chance to get this for hubby–would like to give it to him for his first fathers day 😀

  88. With three copies being given away OF COURSE I am bound to win one of them!

  89. I am a living Redshirt, and desperately need help figuring out how to survive. Please help!

  90. I am really looking forward to this book and would love a free copy.

  91. this is awesome, even though i want to listen to the book being read by wil wheaton

  92. Always good to have more humorous SF. Definitely buying this one if I don’t win it.

  93. The 4 free promo chapters were awesome, and go beyond mere parody into something more… disturbing.

  94. I’m going to actually have time to read for pleasure again soon (woo, graduation!) so having one of these would be awesome.

  95. Can’t wait for this book to hit! And for Scalzi to come to Pasadena!

  96. Would it be possible to win the ebook ARC? Trying (for allergy reasons) to cut down on Actual Physical Books in the haus. (OTH, if I did win, I suppose I could pass it on to a friend later when the ebook version becomes available.)

  97. My dying wish is to win a book about guys doing their best to avoid dying!

  98. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading one of Scalzi’s novels, but I’d really like to.

  99. Yes, please – I promise to buy the audio book read by Wil Wheaton, too.

  100. Been a fan since Old Man’s War, and looking forward to more great Scalzi SF!

  101. We talk about the concept of this book in our Star Trek game. :)

  102. Only Scalzi could call a novel ‘Redshirts’ and get away with it.

  103. I’m a recent Scalzi hookee. Just finished “Old Man’s War” and, 5 minutes ago, “Ghost Brigades”. Ready to move on to “Last Colony”. I’m on a Scalzi binge and I need to continue

  104. Uh, it’s called Redshirts, of course I want to win! (I won’t, but, hey, I’m just unlucky). But, to win you have to try right?

  105. I had a dream where McCoy was wearing a yellow shirt and Kirk was Red. weird!?

  106. Let it be known that on this day, May the 7th, 2012, I am entering my name into this drawing for a chance to procure a copy of the new novel by John Scalzi. It’s been a long road to get here. I’d like to thank my family for their loving support, my friends for encouraging me, and of course my school teachers for educating me in the ways of writing and reading so that it might all culminate to this one moment. I await the results of this contest in my headquarters surrounded by dozens of my closest friends and family. Win or lose, I just want to say that it has been a fine race and I respect all of the other candidates. Whoever you choose, I’m sure they will treat the victory with dignity, grace, and respect. I thank you for your time.

  107. Mr. Scalzi, I love your books, and patience is a virtue I should probably work on :)

  108. Hey! Don’t open that! It’s an alien planet! Is there air? You don’t know!

  109. When it takes a minute to scroll to the bottom, the odds, they are long. PICK ME!

  110. Wish Scalzi was going to Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego for the tour.

    If I win, I’ll buy a copy of the book for my brother. Probably will anyway.

  111. Even if I win an ARC, I promise that I’ll still buy a copy of the hardcover when it comes out.

  112. How can this be a duplicate comment if I haven’t posted yet? Stupid wordpress.

  113. I would very much like to have a copy of this book. I’m sure it’s going to be a classic.

  114. I am a librarian in Raleigh, NC, and have written about several of Mr. Scalzi’s book for our Book-a-Day blog. I would be thrilled to get an advance reader’s copy to be able to read, review & promote before the book comes out. Please, oh please pick me!

  115. I have first editions of all of Mr. Scalzi’s books,Chapbooks included,and even Agent To The Stars,which I am most proud of ! I would dearly love to have a copy of Redshirts to complete my Scalzi library. It would feel right at home !!!!!!

  116. First chapter is a hoot. Love the spoof of modern day pop series. Forward the universal union.

  117. I would love a copy! It would match so nicely with all my other Scalzi stuff.

  118. I’m so excited, I’m going to wear a red shirt tomorrow…and eat some pancakes.

  119. Note to self: Don’t try to get to the end of Scalzi’s comment line while using an iPad. Will get “scroller’s elbow.” Please to sign me up for the increasingly dubious odds of winning a free Scalzi book.

  120. I already read the first three chapters, so I’d be happy to get to read the rest a bit early.

  121. Want this so much it almost hurts
    A freebie shot at the new “Redshirts”

    “Agent to the Stars”,”Old Man’s war”
    No one wrote like this before!! (As Heinlein rolls in his grave)

    Scalzi rules with his pithy reads
    My need for smiles he surely feeds!

    OK, so my thirty second shot at poetic humor may be closer to “There once was a girl from—” than Elizabeth Barrett Browning – or even Dr. Seuss, of even Miss Piggy for that matter, but I WOULD like the free book.

  122. I’m keeping my fingers crossed… except when typing as that would be difficult!

  123. Love Scalzi’s work. I’ll be picking this up regardless of winning, but it can’t hurt to try.

  124. Does this include a Kindle version? I always try to get both hardcopy and kindle versions.

  125. I’ve been looking forward to this book, thanks for the chance to win!

  126. Looking forward to the release of this one. Should be a very good read.

  127. The preview chapters were classic, fantastic Scalzi. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the book!

  128. I read the four-chapter excerpt, and this looks like it’s going to be excellent. Particularly if you’re a Star Trek fan and one who likes very clever parodies.

  129. Dear Tor-ettes.

    I was horrified to realize that Redshirts will be coming out DURING my upcoming vacation to the Galapagos. I mistakenly thought I could get it and read on a volcanic shore of rocky outcroppings and laugh myself silly. (Rocky Outcroppings is the name of my next Jonathan Coulton tribute band) Any way you could see sending me a copy to take with? I will gladly bring you a nice tourist tchachki.

    Love and Kisses, Aunti Laura. PS< leaving the 23rd of May.

  130. I have been waiting for this book to come out–it looks so awesome and funny! Scalzi has a great way with amusing & witty dialogue.

  131. My daughter and I have both read the preview chapters, would love to be able to read the rest sooner rather than later!

  132. I really want to take a copy of this book to Origins so Wil Wheaton can sign it!! (Then of course I’ll be in Dayton in June to have John sign it too).

  133. Yes! Preview chapters were great! So says my dog! Physical books are wonderful! We found a string in the meadow! Redshirts! No stars in my house!

  134. Been a fan of Scalzi since Agent to the Stars hit the web. Looking forward to reading this one too.

  135. I love Scalzi’s books, super excited for Redshirts, the only thing more exciting would be winning a copy!

  136. I’d love to have this to go along with my Redshirts T-shirt!

  137. I want this book. This is a story for people in the background. I happen to be a security guard. I suspect that if FTL flight actually existed, then I would be issued a red shirt.

  138. I’d really rather have an ebook, even though Scalzi wouldn’t be able to sign it.

  139. Very interesting sounding book. My wife and I watch a lot of Star Trek and make a lot of references regarding the red shirts.

  140. Winning an ARC certainly beats wearing red on the away mission.

  141. I love John Scalzi’s books (introduced to me by an independent bookseller) & am looking forward to this new one!

  142. I would love a copy of the DRM free version! I would also love a regular copy too.
    Thanks for considering me.

  143. While I wait to see if I’ve won a copy, I must go stand on a cliff’s edge, prominently outlined against the horizon while I look around me. That way I’ll fall oh so cinematically when the bad guys zap me.

    • Gsnyder, all of our contests are for physical books – so far, anyway! We’ll be sure to note if we ever do an ebook giveaway.

  144. Ah yes. Scrolling all the way down to the bottom gives me a good idea of the odds. I still hope (expect?) to win.

  145. I am certainly not expendable, but I’ve never read Scalzi, so why not pick me?

  146. **Hem hem** This book embodies my soul. If it falls into another’s hands, I shudder to think what may happen.

  147. I thought I had already entered, but don’t see my comment here – so I’m taking the chance to enter “again” (I hope I don’t disqualify myself – I’d really love to read this and can’t afford new books just now!)

  148. Pretty please with sugar on top? I’ve been a redshirt most of my life, or so it seems to me.

  149. Read the first 4 chapters on my Nook and found it really fascinating. I have more questions than answers and it will be a usual Scalzi brain-twister as he develops his premise.

  150. I also thought I had already entered, but I don’t see a comment either.