New eStory Release: The Human Division #6: The Back Channel by John Scalzi

The Human Division #6: The Back Channel by John ScalziAbout The Human Division #6: The Back ChannelThe sixth episode of The Human Division, John Scalzi’s new thirteen-episode novel in the world of his bestselling Old Man’s War. Beginning on January 15, 2013, a new episode of The Human Division will appear in e-book form every Tuesday.

The Conclave is a confederation of four hundred alien races—many of whom would like to see the Colonial Union, and the humans inside of it, blasted to extinction. To avoid a conflict that neither side can afford, Conclave leader General Tarsem Gau appoints Hafte Sorvalh to resolve an emerging diplomatic crisis with the humans, before the only acceptable solution is war. Read-Along: Ron Hogan will be reading and talking about the developments of each episode every Tuesday over on Just bookmark The Human Division Read-Along index for the latest.

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