Not at San Diego Comic-Con Sweepstakes

Tor Books is heading to San Diego Comic-Con!

We hope to see many of you there. Stop by Booth #2707 to say hi or to participate in one of our many events and signings.

But for those of you who couldn’t make it out to California, we wanted to offer you the chance to grab some of the same amazing swag and books that we’re promoting at #SDCC. To enter for the chance to win one of these five prize bundles, leave a comment on this post telling us one fabulous thing that you’ll be doing this week while you are #NotAtComicCon. Whether you’re battling Dragon Army, matching wits with Tyrion Lannister, or chauffeuring your kids to soccer practice, we hope that you have a wonderful week.

Here’s a look at the prize:

And here’s a list of what’s included in each prize bundle:

    • Ender’s Game movie poster
    • Ender’s Game T-shirt and cap
    • Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
    • The Way of Kings quote magnets
    • Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
    • Article 5 by Kristen Simmons
    • The Eternity Artifact by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
    • The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan
    • The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel: Volume 3 based on the novel by Robert Jordan, written by Chuck Dixon, and illustrated by Marcio Fiorito and Francis Nuguit
    • Forge of Darkness by Steven Erikson
    • Girl Genius Omnibus Volume One by Phil Foglio and Kaja Foglio
    • Halo: Glasslands by Karen Traviss
    • Homeland by Cory Doctorow
    • The Hum and the Shiver by Alex Bledsoe
    • The Human Division by John Scalzi
    • Hunters of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson
    • Ironskin by Tina Connolly
    • Johnny Hiro: Half Asian, All Hero by Fred Chao
    • London Falling by Paul Cornell
    • The Omen Machine by Terry Goodkind
    • River Road by Suzanne Johnson
    • Sea Change by S. M. Wheeler
    • The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga
    • Wild Cards I edited by George R. R. Martin

Plus, one winner will receive this display exclusive – a Redshirts booth poster!

Redshirts SDCC Booth Display Poster

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. You must be 18 or older and a legal resident of the 50 United States or D.C. to enter. Promotion begins July 18, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. ET. and ends July 22, 2013, 12:00 p.m. ET. Void in Puerto Rico and wherever prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules go here. Sponsor: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC.

0 thoughts on “Not at San Diego Comic-Con Sweepstakes

  1. In our library, we are gearing up for a new semester for our students. We are revamping our library instruction program, acquiring new materials, and training new student workers. By the way, when it comes to acquiring new materials, we do include graphic novels in our mix. Because we are cool that way.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  2. I will be following the news coming out of San Diego, but also catching up on reading and old tv shows. (This prize pack sounds awesome!)

  3. While I’m NOT at SDCC this week I will slaving away at my place of employment for 11 hours a day. After this and a grueling hour long commute home I will be performing household duties while working on packing my possessions in order to move into our new home in about a month. Yes, I know this is much more exciting than being at the worlds largest convention of its kind, but sacrifices must be made! Hope everyone else is having fun at SDCC!

  4. Since I couldn’t hop on a plane back from my Summer-long study abroad trip to Japan in time for Comic Con this year, I’ll be visiting Kyoto, poke around some Japanese comic shops, and maybe visit a cosplay cafe for a smaller-scale costume experience. 😉 Much as I’m sad to miss it, being in Japan almost makes #NotAtComicCon okay.

  5. I will be spending the week preparing for the launch of my new book, due out on 7/31. Lots of last minute details for marketing and planning the launch party. Plus, I have another project due 8/31 that I’m falling behind on. No SDCC for me – not mine! :(

  6. While I am #NotAtComicCon, I will be knitting baby clothes and watching Pacific Rim. (Well, it’s fabulous to ME.)

  7. I will be hammering away at my computer, working on my Camp NaNoWriMo novel for July, as well as trying to read as many books as I can before school starts again in September.

  8. I wish I could go to comic con, but I’m a graduate student in law and nonprofit studies. Today I’m volunteering in Norman, OK at the Mary Abbott House, which is a shelter for abused children. After noon I will be at work.

  9. As much as I’d rather be at SDCC, we will be doing yard work all the way across the country in NC – cleaning the deck, pulling weeds. I’d so rather be in CA! #NotAtComicCon

  10. I’ll be taking a couple of friends to visit my hometown. There will be much laying about the pool, nerdy gaming, and adult beverages. And way less crowds.

  11. I’ll be teaching some friends how to play X-Wing Miniatures by Fantasy Flight this weekend while setting up a 75 gallon reef tank! Going to be amazing, like winning this prize pack would be,

  12. I will be seeing Pacific Rim and going to a karaoke bar. I wish I was at SDCC, I really do. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I will be helping serve dinner to my daughters marching band every day this week of band camp.

  14. I will be operating and maintaining the US Air Force base in Italy (yeah, hardship tour, I know) along with continuing my re-read of the Way of Kings.

  15. Only one fabulous thing? Might as well ask me to name my favorite episode of Firefly. Okay, I will be writing another 10k words of my first sci-fi novel (while entertaining and educating my three children age five and under and meeting my editing deadlines for two clients, woohoo!).

  16. will be drowning my sorrow from not attending SDCC by playing Warhammer 40K

  17. I’ll be finishing my last week of work and leaving for college. Fighting some orks intermediately, ya know.

  18. While not at Comic Con, I busted out the original Xbox to play some Ghost Recon.

  19. I will ever so patiently be staring at the clock, waiting for anything new to be written by Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, or Brian McClellan.

  20. I’ve been indulging my inner geek by alternating between my return to World of Warcraft and learning to become a web developer.

  21. I’ll be plotting world domination while chained to my desk. (Though I’m told some Arkham Horror will be played this afternoon, so perhaps Master will let me loose.) 😉

  22. Writing, as I have far too many works in progress to avoid it. Also, a motorcycle ride to an evening outdoor picnic and baroque music concert. More writing. Later, possibly, helping a friend finish an outdoor play area for his sons. And drinking cold beer. There’s certain to be bacon in there somewhere.

  23. Will will be watching livestreams of the Walter robotics expo and on tumblr looking for updates on it, and the rest of the weekend stalking tumblr learning all I can of the going ons of the comic cons, and praying for news on Daken movie, and the Daken and robits, all the time

  24. I will buy a pair of old stocks and dispense old-school justice to any and all I think deserving in my immediate vicinity. I’m serious.

    Those I believe deserving will be judged with a healthy dollop of old-school hypocrasy.

    I can’t make it because I am on another continent, otherwise I assure you I would be there.

    Will post/share/email photos of aforementioned justice in the event that I win a prize

  25. I will be working & wishing with the whole family that we could be at Comic Con…Next year, maybe…

  26. I’m might be going to “Not at comic con” party on Saturday, in addition to some karaoke on Saturday night. Oh, and I’m seeing Pacific Rim on Friday.

  27. Reading Towers of Midnight and watching the summer rain that is preventing me from finishing the yard work I’m trying to complete. #NotAtComicCon

  28. Let’s see: Making t-shirts for a street hockey tournament, trying to write a book, and making sure all 3 kids make it through the weekend alive. Also, sneaking out to see Pacific Rim if it kills me!

  29. Continuing to write and develop my own IP, and paint the early thumbnail concepts of the world and its contents. Gutted I can not be there to meet all the great people at the con.

  30. I will be doing my very best not to melt in the heat as I hang out and game with friends!

  31. So instead of dressing up as my favorite Sci-Fi character this week, I will be dressing up as my favorite dad. I will be fighting interstellar battles with lightsabers and Nerf guns. I will be exploring undersea cities and tossing beachballs. I will be a slave to the overlords, writing curriculum for next school year. I will be exploring the wonderful wilds that is my back yard! I am hoping this is exciting enough to garner me a prize pack to share with my kids as they grow. P.S. I just finished re-reading Ender’s Game again! I cannot get over how it is so timeless and can’t wait for my two boys to be old enough to read it for themselves.

  32. With my pals over at UGeekStuff we’ll be simultaneously trying to keep updated on all the coverage coming out of SDCC (and post about it) AND prepping for Chicago Comic Con which is in three weeks. Currently hunting for “not at comic con” parties in our area. Hoping to find one and hit that up too. We like to keep busy!

    Anyone else going to be at Chicago Comic Con?

  33. Since I live on the complete opposite side of the US from Comic Con :( I will be working full time and continuing to suffer through the withdrawal of no new Steven Erikson or George R. R. Martin novels any time soon……I’d love to win this prize though to tide me over

  34. I’ll be exploring the world of Roshar while #NotAtComicCon this week…when I’m not working on medical school applications. I’m pretty excited. 😀

  35. I’ll be making reservations and plans for a trip across seven states. Could use some reading material…

  36. I will be curling up with some Wheel of time awesomeness as I continue to reread the entire series including the epic conclusion!

  37. I’ll be working, reading some good books, and maybe even seeing Pacific Rim over the weekend. Plus, being jealous from afar of all the people actually at SDCC.

  38. This weekend I’ll be battling hordes of demons and goblins in our new D&D campaign! Haha Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. Sadly I’m mostly just working, but there is a copy of ‘Black Gods War’ waiting for my days off this week.

  40. I am doing the bookkeeping in my nice, air conditioned office, while the heat index outside is 105° . . .

  41. Using my character MistbornVin (Mistborn Trilogy, Sanderson) in Forsaken World to slay armies of dragons and weasels (Ender’s Game/Saga, Card) while upholding the principles of Dalinar Kholin (The Way of Kings, Sanderson) to prevent evil from devastating towns. Also help out those less fortunate – the low level newbies, as Kaladin would have done (also have a character named Kaladin) (The Way of Kings, Sanderson). #MMORPGLife.

  42. Knitting a dragon and two fairies for a friend, reading back through many of my favorite scifi and fantasy novels while trying to stave off a plague that is slowly turning me more vampiric…. (the latter is somewhat serious- the sun and I have become mortal enemies this year!)

  43. If the weather holds up, I’ll get a beach day soon, but if not, it will be more Netflix and surfing the Internet for me. A new stash of books would be fantastic!

  44. Rereading Way of Kings, lurking around in cosplay, and silently crying that I’m not at con.

  45. Immersing myself in the Chronicles of Amber, and looking for things to add to my reading list!

  46. celebrating my daughter’s 17th birthday. I got her a Talent Pipes necklace from the novel The Name of the Wind.

  47. I will be painting miniatures I received from a Kickstarter. Most likely trying to find a spear-wielder resembling Kaladin. Hopefully this Missouri heat/humidity does not destroy me in the meantime.

  48. I’m a lame-ass who has to catch up on work all weekend.
    Please brighten my day.

  49. This is an amazing bundle. Cory Doctorow is one of my favorite authors, and Homeland is one of the only books of his that I don’t own.

  50. Celebrating my mother’s 70th birthday. I am getting her book 3 and 4 of the Iron Druid Chronicles. Hopefully playing soccer for the first time after ACL reconstruction surgery in December. I will be working during the week, and organizing a video game team for an upcoming release.

  51. I will be enjoying the weather, picking up some books to read, and continue going to college. (I am taking summer classes.)

  52. Saving lives. As Kaladins dad once said, “Son, there are people who save lives and people who take lives. Well during Comic-Con, I will be one saving lives in MICU.

  53. I’ll be dressing up in my furry costume and running around outside the con.

  54. I will be working! I work at Stennis Space Center in engineering design and analysis. I have a design review coming up (we are getting the test stand ready to test the RS-25 engines that will power the first stage of NASA’s Space Launch System).

  55. I found out I was pregnant back in december, and realized I would be too far along to travel, so my husband and I could not go to SDCC. What happened is I went into preterm labor on the 13th, and had our son on the 14th. That day also happens to be my daughter’s birthday. Crazy, right? I can’t believe he came four weeks early, and shares his sister’s birthday now. But, he’s doing well, and we’re all home together now.

  56. Since I just moved from San Diego and had to miss this years Con. I will be unpacking my house and getting it all set up. Starting my new job on Monday. I would rather be at Comic Con with all the masses.

  57. Making unicorns and rabbits out of felt & dreaming of a wedding that nobody wants to attend (including the bride!)–more on that when I finish my own book, though.

  58. I will be readying the garden for fall planting, battling the demonic hordes in a game on my phone, and trying to stay cool!

  59. I will be wearing my cloak and sobbing into my hot tea while running the rat race and hoping I don’t trip and spill stuff everywhere. Next year, maybe!

  60. My weekend so far involves:
    Lots of time in the ocean. Hopefully no Highstorms can get me!
    Going to the Wild Animal Park. I plan on showing my lovely lady the spectacular grolm and raken and any other fantastic creatures we may find.
    Starting a war in my Pathfinder campaign. The Demandred of the elves has just changed the entire war!
    Finishing school. I will use the rest of my summer preparing for the skaa rebellion, which I will proudly rise with! Vive la révolution!
    Hiking in canyons. I promise to keep an eye out for those pesky (and terrifying) chasmfiends!
    And hopefully lots of fun reading about the amazing things that happen at Comic-Con! Dovie’andi se tovya sagain!

  61. I am not at SDCC and instead this weekend I will be working, as a library assistant in my town library, where I am building a “Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary” display that contains books, DVDs, audio books & plush toys. I can’t be surrounded by a bunch of people as geeky as me, so I’ll see if I can convert some!!

  62. I live on the other coast and this weekend I will be attempting to stand up! ( I got sick and blah blah blah about year ago and have been bedridden) I have been working really hard and this weekend I am gonna try to stand up. Yah Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  63. I am going to be busy with a 6 week old baby and trying to finish my short story submission for SpoCon.

  64. I will be in a wedding in Florida… As much as I love this childhood friend of mine, she has no idea that she’s even getting married the weekend of Comic-Con. I will also be sneak watching clips from SDCC with the groom.

  65. I’ll be in final rehearsals for a musical and hoping for a weather-related superhero to come by so that it doesn’t rain on our outdoor stage!

  66. I will be mostly reading and sweltering. I wish I could be at the con – and not just because it would be cooler and less humidity there.

  67. While I’m not at Comic-Con I’ll just be working a ton! :( Hopefully I can also fit in time to read. Hopefully.

  68. I’ll be spending my time at work, making coffee and smiling politely, with intermittent breaks between shifts for reading and petting my cat.

  69. I made my first pitch ever to a literary agent and got a request for a partial and a synopsis! So while you are all having fun at Comic Con, I’ll be editing and writing a synopsis for a book that might someday, if the stars align in proper fashion, be published by Tor! I could use a reward for all my hard work and that swag bag would guarantee I spend my time wisely…

  70. A two way ticket from St. Louis to San Diego is a bit out of my price range. However, I hope to tear through some classic science fiction novels while I’m not working.

  71. I will be enjoying my summer vacation by doing as little as possible and not thinking about my classroom full of teenagers whom I have to face in a month. I suppose I should try to get the red paint off the kitchen floor after my son made a band of the red hand flag.

  72. This week I will be teaching my step-daugher to knit and reading to her from some wonderfully classic fantasy novels (kid-friendly, of course!)! Can’t wait!

  73. I’ll be doing battle with the evil monster that is Work so that I can keep its evil plan of Way Too Many Bills away from my innocent bank account. Really hope to make it out to SDCC one day.

  74. Trying to get to escrow on a house that will let me have an actual place to put all my books, including hopefully one of these wonderful prize packs!

  75. I will be finishing my first novel, which will hopefully be INSIDE one of these Tor giftbags soon!

  76. Dropping my father off to take care of my grandmother in Chicago, Visiting family in Ohio, and finishing up my summer grad school classes.

  77. Well, I’d best be trying to fix the sorry state of my lawn. Tired of being the worst-looking house on the block. But then again… Skyrim calls….

  78. I’ll be taking my kids to the zoo In salt lake city. So it’s almost like I’m on San Diego.

  79. While I’m not at Comic Con I will be registering for law school, reading Abaddon’s Gate, listening to Altered Carbon on my commute to work, playing the Dragon Age RPG with some friends and hoping to scare up a game of Gearworld or Axis and Allies. That’s my geeked out schedule. Also hope to win one of these awesome prize packs.

  80. Working and babysitting my daughter while discussing plans for a tech education nonprofit with some friends! Hooray for productivity.

  81. I’m in my community’s summer outdoor production of Hairspray this weekend! It’s some consolation to do something fun at home if I can’t be doing something fun at SDCC.

  82. Laundry, resding the new Jack Handey book, and watching SDCC news for Game of Thrones casting information..

  83. My wife just had our first child, my weekend will consist of staying at the hospital until we are free to take him home

  84. while i’m not at comic con, i’ll be spending time with my folks before they move halfway across the country. and working. and applying for new jobs.

  85. I will be working three fourteen hour shifts saving lives at my local pharmacy :) . I love my job and my community but I wish I could make it sd sometime in the near future to let my inner-nerd run wild for a few days.

  86. I will be reading the updates on Comic-Con from all of my favorite geek icons, and wailing over the fact that I can’t go for another couple of years. To assuage my sorrow, I will be killing Covenant on “Halo” or saving the galaxy on “Mass Effect.” Then I may try to escape into Mid-World by finishing up the seventh book in “The Dark Tower.” So, pretty much a normal weekend.

  87. I will be searching the net for news on new Lego Hobbit and counting down the minutes until Sanderson has Stormlight 2 for sale.

  88. This week, since I can’t be in San Diego, I will be finishing the FABULOUS Doctor Who Series 6 on Netflix, reading Brandon Sanderson’s “The Rithmatist” and driving kids all over town, while singing the praises of air conditioning and summer vacation!! (I work as a school librarian- hooray for summers with my kiddos!!) I will also be considering taking my geeky children to the first ever Salt Lake Comic Con this fall…

  89. Today I am working on making stitch markers for an update in my etsy store tiredmommyspinning on etsy. I have been trying some new polymer clay techniques which make the clay look like ceramic pendants very pretty. I hope I win one. I’ve been trying to get tickets to comic con for 5 years now.

  90. Even though I’m not at SDCC I’m going to be pretty busy working on my novella, helping my mom recover from hip replacement surgery, and preparing the bookstore I work at for its move to a new location.

  91. I will be spending the weekend playing in an epic blanket fort with my toddler.

  92. I’ll be taking care of my new puppy! I wish I could have made it down to Comic Con this year, but I don’t think my dog would be up for the road trip!

  93. I will be reading in between writing a term paper on the effect of growth hormone on patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Yay college!! #NotAtComicCon

  94. I’ll be living the dream in a cubicle farm!! Wait, that’s not “the dream”, that’s more like “the nightmare”. Well, whatever. That’s what I’ll be doing.

  95. Once I get over not being at Comic Con… Who am I kidding I’m not getting over it. I’ll probably just have little nerdfests through the week. Campaigining, Watching Firefly maybe a LOTR marathon and reading lots of reading. Along with the normal rigamoral. #NotAtComicCon :(

  96. I’ll be cleaning my house from top to bottom while battling bus schedules and commuter apathy! #NotAtComicCon

  97. San Diego is only an hour and a half drive from me, and my fave author will be at Comic Con, and my cousin is actually going to be there, but unfortunately, I will not. :( I will be busy working on my final project for my Master’s degree while trying not to get distracted by all the cool ComicCon updates in my cousin’s Instagram feed.

  98. I scored a copy of the entire “Orc’s Must Die” franchise on Steam for $8, so I’ve been doing that. Work is always a mess this time of year which means taking 3-4 days off to go be a nerd in San Diego isn’t in the cards.

  99. I’ll be going to the Utah Shakespeare Festival and watching The Tempest and King John. I love SDCC, but it’s time to get my bard on.

  100. Work, watching the wife roller derby it up, a couple CrossFit workouts and some reading and video games (picked up Dragon Age Origins at a steam sale the other day) to relax. Also, I’ve just been told we are doing some repotting of plants so there’s that too. Huzzah!

  101. Playing with my son, working, and starting to put things together to move to the house that we will hopefully *fingers crossed* be getting! Oh, and some reading, gaming, and just general lounging while bemoaning the fact that I will not be at Comic-Con for yet another year. It will happen yet!

  102. I will be wallowing in sadness. :) Going to start the last WOT book this weekend!

  103. I will be finishing a 3 year long Dungeons and Dragons campaign this week, either saving the world from terrible destruction or unleashing the apocalypse on the world if we fail.

  104. I will be writing in my fantasy novel that I have been waiting for a long time to start. And stalking the internets for information from San Diego. Saturday I will hopefully get to go see my friends band.

  105. One rocking thing I will be doing is working my way through #7 of WOT! Pick me! Pick me! :-)

  106. I’ll be camping and tubing the river…with lots of reading in the sun!

  107. I will be making 2, count ’em, 2 Fantasy Football trophys. Cause that’s how I roll.

  108. While #notatComicCon I’ll be working from home while trying to keep 4 kids entertained in this heat and taking copious notes on how to hopefully (fingers and toes crossed!!!) score tickets for NEXT year’s ComicCon – a group of us are hoping to go to celebrate milestone birthdays!

  109. I will be spending quality time with my amazing kids, water slides, sand, bounce houses, oh my!

  110. While not at comiccon this year, I’ll be joining the queen of England in 1700 London to prevent an attack on her by werewolves in my biweekly dr who game. Possibly drinking in the process. Sunday shall be a graduation party for a friend

  111. I will be studying for the bar exam again, because being licensed in one state is just not enough. And if I can get a few spare seconds, I’ll work on building a new Magic the Gathering EDH deck.

  112. I will be at two of my best friend’s wedding in the Northwoods of Wisconsin! I would love to go to SDCC, but this is definitely more important! #NotAtComicCon

  113. Working. But in my off time re-reading “The Way of Kings.” Even better the second time!!!!

  114. I will be listening to The Way of Kings whilst battling dust chasm fiends with my vacuum. :)

  115. I’ll be enjoying this beautiful East Coast weather going to a 50th Birthday party, Blues & Jazz Festival & A Phillies Game.

  116. Unfortunately, I will be working. Already went to one comic con this year – can’t find time to go to a second as much as I’d love to

  117. What an amazing prize! While I’m #NotAtComicCon this weekend, I’ll be writing like mad to stay on target with my July Nanowrimo goals and watching my baby learn how to crawl.

  118. I will be engineering and helping Saladin Ahmed defend the Throne of the Crescent Moon!

  119. My fabulous offering is a week of studying for and taking my final exams for the summer semester. Don’t be afraid of the jealousy. It’s only natural.

    Hope everyone has fun!

  120. My weekend: writing (fell behind editing something else). Catch up on TV. Maybe–maybe–a movie. Red 2 or (god help me) Sharknado.

  121. I’ll be working on my own books and playing some Magic: The Gathering, while wishing I could have gone to SDCC. Hope to make it to NYCC in the fall.

  122. I will be taking finals for three of my accelerated Summer college classes.

  123. Stationed in hawaii, I’ll be flying army chinook helicopters around, riding my motorcycle, and reading fantasy books wishing I was in San Diego.

  124. The wife and I are going to try and learn a few new board games.. on the “to-learn” is Arkham Horror and Kemet

  125. I’ll be taking care of my boys, getting them ready for Scout Camp, and knitting some gloves for my brother!

  126. While I’m #notatComicCon, I will be working at a deli, slicing turkey and frying chicken for other people who are also #notatComicCon but probably aren’t as torn up about it as I am.

  127. I will be reading more of the wonderful Wheel of Time series (I’m on The Fires of Heaven now!) and going to see “Pacific Rim” while I’m #NotAtComicCon!

  128. I’ll be battling evil librarians with Alcatraz while I read my last unread Sanderson book!

  129. Nurse 30 years and worked past week and have been watching Torchwood and Doctor Who Also talked to grandson on phone
    Best part of my week!!!!!

  130. I’ll be helping with Summer Reading Programs at the library while I’m #NotAtComiCon

  131. This weekend is set aside for a marathon of marathons. We will be watching the three seasons of Game of Thrones, and in between when our brains need something fluffy, we will be watching random episodes of Buffy and Angel.

  132. I will be packing, and going to see Idina Menzel in concert. Will also be listening to wheel of time audiobooks during my drive

  133. I’ll be watching some of the events at Comic Con on tv, and wishing I was able to go this year! My family went two years ago, and it was truly incredible!!!

  134. What I’d be doing thats awesome when I’m #NotAtComicCon ? finishing up my novelette. thats whatd be amazing, which y’all would say, when you read it…

  135. Relaxing after an exhausting month. Oh, and working on college applications and studying calculus. Fun!

  136. Working shifts on-base as usual! USAF doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for me to make a trip to SDC!

  137. I’ll be preparing and submitting my monthly reports for work and preparing to participate in Operation Lone Star where the Texas State Guard will be providing medical care for my fellow Texans in need :)

  138. While #NotAtComiCon I will be working in a program called Summer Bridge at my community college. I help high school students improve their reading, comprehension, and vocabulary so they can better cope with the community college level reading. It’s the best experience I’ve ever had and it’s helped me decide to become a reading professor.

  139. I’m #notatcomiccon unfortunately, but going bowling and mini-golfing with my sister (who is visiting from Arizona) is pretty good, too! I’ll be wearing one of either a Doctor Who shirt or a Captain America shirt though!

  140. I am learning new magely techniques so that I can pass my knowledge onto my magely companions. Oh, and I’m devouring Way of Kings… Got a bit ahead of the reread. #NotAtComicCon #Rift #WayofKingsReread

  141. I will be starting Pathfinder by Card and I will be introducing my kids to the Rocky movies while I’m #NotAtComicCon.

  142. I will be taking care of boy scouts at Maple Dell Scout Camp in Payson Utah

  143. I will be finding out whether or not I got an amazing job that will allow me to move back to where my boyfriend lives! We’ve been living across the country from one another for a year now thanks to the lack of jobs in our field.

  144. While I’m #NotAtComicCon, I’ll be writing a book of my own for you to include in next year’s bundle!

  145. I will be surviving the ripping out of my heart by my wife and trying to protect my children’s innocence.

  146. While I am #NotAtComicCon I will be getting over an ear infection… errr i mean battling a dragon!! (yeah that one sounds better)

  147. I’m laid up at home sick. I’ll be living vicariously through twitter by following #SDCC on twitter.

  148. While #NotAtComicCon I will be listening to the entire series of The Dresden Files!

  149. Today is my birthday! I’ll be catching up on some reading and threatening my friends with spoilers for game of thrones :)

  150. I will be working and doting upon my newborn son Kaladin who just turned a month old.

  151. Studying for the Missouri bar all week and weekend long. Can’t wait till August to be free to read again!

  152. I’m going to be trolling about outside ComicCon, making puppydog eyes at the front doors.

    Actually, I am going to w00tstock so it’s not all bad. :)

  153. I will be working this weekend while you at TOR will be enjoying all things comic……darn it!

  154. im going fishing with my 10 year old baby boy and catching up on some of my rereading of the wheel of time just started book 6 hope to be on book 8 by Monday.

  155. I will be mourning the fact that I’m not at ComicCon. Also, I shall be weeding, and reading until I run out of books (thought not both at the same time).

  156. I’ll be in Afghanistan working for the Army Corps of Engineers managing construction for the Afghan National Security Forces. Challenging but rewarding work that I hope will make a difference in this country. Great prize package! I love most of the authors and Ender’s Game was the first sci-fi novel I read as a teenager. I have been hooked ever since. Hope you all have a great week! #NotAtComicCon

  157. I will be re-establishing my children’s circadian rhythms after returning from a long car trip, catching up on some reading, and maybe playing some video games while they sleep (if I can get them to sleep).

  158. While #NotAtComicCon, I shall be taking care of my three kids while I clean my house and look for a job! Oh, and running too, because that’s where I find my bliss.

  159. I will be working graveyard shift all weekend, but I will have lots of free time at work to read! I’m doing a Way of Kings reread with my fiance, and I’ve also got a lot of other good books out from the library to read.

  160. While #notatcomiccon, I will be driving around Indiana and Michigan to visit my brother and then some good friends (there will be dinner, art fair, pizza party, games, picnic!). I’ll also be reading Machine of Death from the humble ebook bundle! And I’ll be skimming through #SDCC tweets like crazy.

  161. I would love to win this package. I’m not doing anything as cool as the San Diego comic con, but I will be visiting the Oregon coast.

  162. I will be going through pictures and blog entries of those lucky enough to attend while I’m #notatcomiccon. This swag bag would definitely make up for not being there though! What an awesome giveaway :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  163. I’ll be reading “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” and “American Gods”. So my week looks pretty darn good.

  164. I’m going to be traveling to Colorado for a family reunion, and Sunday is my birthday!

  165. I will be spending my week working on my front lawn and reading Stephen King’s The Wolves of the Calla.

  166. I am trying to register for my fall Mechanical Engineering graduate classes at Texas A&M. Also trying to fix my laptop.

  167. I will be watching the lucky ones on the trolley wearing their passes while I go to work!!

  168. I’ll be hanging out with my 1 month old baby instead going to Comicon. Could really use some new reading material for the late nights. :)

  169. I will be conquering the beast that is the Arabic verbal system. Save me from the insanity!

  170. I’m gonna walk my two St. Bernards, play some video games, send my aunt Mary and thank you postcard for my awesome trip to Colombia and go to Olive Garden with my friends! <3

  171. I’ll be working on my candidacy exam. Only one 10 page paper and a 2 hour oral exam left.

  172. I’ll be attending church events then spending some time re-reading the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson.

  173. Wow! This is awesome of you guys whoever wins this will be super freakin’ lucky! It really makes up the the fact that so many of us can’t be at SDCC!

  174. We are having our 19th annual neighborhood party at my house! So I am cleaning my butt off and so to be parting my butt off!! 😉

  175. While I am #NotAtComicCon, I will be lamenting with my friends at writer’s group and talking about how “some day…”! :)

  176. I’ll be wishing that I could read the second installment of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives due to some crazy time-traveling adventure, but that, unfortunately, is not likely to happen.

  177. Recovering from a sprained wrist–tried to lift my 40 pound daughter in one hand in order to keep the library’s copy of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell from getting wet in the July rain…

    Also reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, I suppose. :)

  178. I’m #NotAtComicCon but I am still loving life and reading some awesome Steampunk!

  179. Sadly #NotAtComicCon this year. I am trolling the FB posts of all of my friends and pages who ARE there. AND I joined WOOHOO! I will try to get back to SDCC next year. I’m in withdrawal!!

  180. While I am #NotAtComicCon I am in Seattle for a classic vw show, followed by a trip down the WA and OR coast, stopping off to visit the Goonies in Astoria. But first, the water slides at Great Wolf Lodge.

  181. While I am #NotAtComicCon I will be rereading the Way of Kings and trying to find who borrowed most of my Sanderson books. Also, RED 2!

  182. I am at home doing lots of homework for Grad School. Have fun at SDCC!

  183. Heading out into nature to celebrate my birthday! #yosemite #notatcomicon

  184. I’m moving into a new apartment this weekend. (I don’t suppose Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, is available to help? Surgebinding sure would come in handy.)

  185. I will be alternating between painting my garage and lounging in our kiddie pool

  186. I will be working in the garden, spending time with my hubby and catching up on my reading!

  187. While I am #NotAtComicCon, I will be trying to finish up Game Of Thrones! I will also probably go work out and catch some PTRs.

  188. Taking the kiddos to swimming lessons… and pre school… and birthday parties. Argh… I’ve become a soccer mom!

  189. This week I will read to my grandson when he is here as usual. I plan on incorporating sci-fi into what I read, so hopefully,he will become a big fan as I am.

  190. I will be ensuring my beautiful tomato plants survive the thundering monsoons. And better yet I will be reading all my free downloads from TOR in honor of their birthday! Thanks!

  191. Helping the hubs celebrate his 57th b-day with the obligatory free burger from Red Robin (and hopefully seeing Pacific Rim)

  192. I’ll be starting a new job while working on my writing project for my MFA.

  193. I’ll be hiding out in the air-conditioning to avoid this heat. Also, I’ll be helping my 24 yr old prepare to move and begin a teaching job :).

  194. One fabulous thing? I will finally, FINALLY, get off work in time to go to the local farmer’s market. I plan to explore and pick up some fresh local produce and then cook it all up for work lunches next week. I’ve been looking forward to doing this for a while now.

  195. I’m getting ready for the start of school soon! Or that’s what I’m supposed to be doing… Instead I’m mainly playing awesome sci-fi games like Portal 2 and Fallout 3.

  196. I’ll be applying for a new job and crossing my fingers, for the job and for the bundle. And maybe writing some short stories, if I have the chance. Fantasy, of course.

  197. I will be riding horses in this crazy NJ heat…. but wishing I was at Comic-con!

  198. I will be working and watching as much comic con footage online as I can find

  199. I’m going through a re-read of The Way of Kings (I’m on chapter 17). Memorializing my beautiful aunty who passed away yesterday. OH, and buying toilet paper (we four are down to fighting over the last roll today)

  200. So I’m going to be moving this weekend to get a new job and get myself out of a horrible situation at home. I

  201. I will be working and also reading The Name of the Wind. Just started today and it’s really good!

  202. I’ll be driving around the country with my husband and celebrating our first anniversary

  203. Will be working and reading “A Memory of Light” on my lunch breaks. Also bought a car

  204. I will be following twitter and living vicariously through others who are at Comic Con & hoping to win some Comic Con swag – next best thing to being there. Besides that, working and working and working #notatcomiccon

  205. I will be tackling Dragon’s Dogma this weekend. I will also be checking the various posts regarding SDCC so as not to be completely uniformed about some of the things that occur there.

  206. I will be teaching summer school to a group of 3years-6year old students with autism. We are having a fun filled summer!

  207. Planning on some house and yard work, doing crafts and such with the kids and some gaming time with The Secret World.

  208. I am enduring the pain of having a drainage tube in my left kidney while I await surgery to remove huge stones on Monday morning. While I am doing that I will be reading the books I can reach from my bed.

  209. To relieve the extreme heated weather I will be harnessing several large sea serpents to haul large blocks of artic ice to New York City and Phila. Please keep all small dogs,cats and children away from the harbors as they are appetizers for my serpents and at risk.

  210. I’ll be building a rocket and stealing… the MOON!

    Okay, I’ll really be doing a software installation at work while shaving another minute or two off of my run time. I’m still waiting on my *minions* before I can get to that other plan I mentioned.

  211. I will headed to my local library’s used book sale repeatedly this weekend. (Early-bird, and $2 / bag day at least.)

  212. I’ll be eating weird stuff because I just found out I’m allergic to a lot of regular foods, I’ll be working, and I’ll be trying not to get stung by any more yellow jackets, while I’m #notatcomiccon. I know, that’s technically three awesome things, but who can choose when faced with all that AWESOMENESS?

  213. Debating whether to play Civilization V’s new expansion or finally sit down and read The Last Wish… decisions, decisions…. i’ll probably just follow Comic Con news while #notatcomiccon and veg out watching YouTube instead. I procrastinate even with my leisure time.

  214. I’ll be home with my youngest daughter while my wife and eldest tour Europe with Girl Scouts – and reading Brandon Sanderson on my nook!

  215. Enjoying the Washington summer sunshine with my fam while I’m not at Comicon. Maybe someday I’ll be there–ooh, look! The sun’s out!

  216. While I’m not at ComicCon I’ll be hanging out in the air conditioning reading a great book and taking a dip in the pool whenever I feel like getting some outdoor time.

  217. Instead of going to Comi-con I will be working overtime and by the blessing of the Gods will have a position that I applied for..

  218. I’m sitting at home recovering from a Mountain Bike Crash (that broke my leg in 4 places) watching my kids while my wife is at girls camp with the young women in our church ward! But hey, I was able to put on my own sock today, so I’m making progress!

  219. I will be working, but at least we have air-conditioning! Otherwise planning on watching Sherlock season 2.

  220. I will be setting at home reading some of the 4000 pages of books from the last 5 years of

  221. Instead of going to Comic Con this week, I am going to be dueling wits with a house cat who is planning my demise.

  222. Instead of going to Comic Con I will sadly think of how far away it is from MO and know I will probably never go…at least I have my sci-fi and fantasy books! Orson Card and Brandon Sanderson are the best!

  223. I will be working and reading the Mistborn Trilogy from Brandon Sanderson. I am almost done with the third one and these books are EPIC!!

  224. i will be rewatching sharknado while sewing up a corset. If i finish the corset, I will allow myself to buy a ticket to Chicago Comic Con. Good luck everybody!

  225. I’m finishing Children of the Mind and reading all the Ender Graphic novels! Oh, and power washing my desk. :/

  226. Instead of being at Comic Con, I will be jealously staring at pictures of Comic Con hijinks on Facebook.

  227. While not at comic con this weekend, I will be attending the NJ Peach Pie Contest and Peachy Party in Jersey City AND cuddling up to my air conditioner with a good book or 3

  228. I took time off work anyways – so I will be sleeping in and hitting the bootcamp workout this week (gotta keep at it)! Mainly just chillin’

  229. Setting up new workshop and forge for blacksmithing. Listening to Memories of Ice as I work.

  230. I’ll be performing the Bard in 100 degree weather under a wig and four layers of clothing. Subsequently, I’ll lose about ten pounds in water weight!

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  232. Brunch with friends that includes a ferry ride and yarn shopping…while reading my baby brother’s posts from SDCC…sigh.

  233. Aside from catching up with the re-reading of the StormLight Archive’s “Way of Kings” I’ll be teaching my kids some more Parkour, Finishing the forms for a concrete pad in the backyard, and possibly even getting the ’72 Mercedes to start… Wish me luck!! :)

  234. I’ll be cleaning up my house, after we get sheet rock up on the walls #NotAtComicCon….

  235. While I am #NotAtComicCon, I will be enjoying the baking sun of New England, riding along the coast, and hoping I make it to ComicCon 2014!

  236. I will be enjoying my kids playing the X-Box 360 in Northern Cali where it is a cool 103 degrees today.

  237. While not basking in the glow of the fluorescent lights and EL-Wire costumes, I will be programming some robots to avoid running over humans and smoking a delicious brisket, Texas hill country style!

  238. What at awesome treats! We’ll be heading to Seattle this weekend to pick up our son.

  239. I will be finding great deals at yard sales. With a baby on the way, we can use as much savings as possible on basically everything!

  240. I’ll be moving my family (wife and five kids) cross country from Spokane, Washington to Omaha, Nebraska. Hello, Humidity!

  241. I will be starting A Wheel of Time while counting the minutes until my kids go back to school. Also, lots of rereading and clue hunting in a few unfinished book series!

  242. While I’m #NotAtComicCon, I’ll be reading Facebook posts by a couple of my favorite authors who ARE there, taking some dunks in the tub with a book, cleaning up after my pets, and trying to be a superhero at work.

  243. I will be slogging to work, uphill both ways, in the 95 degree heat for a pittance while I am #notatcomiccon

  244. I’ll be working all weekend, sadly, and reading when I’m not working.

  245. That’s a pretty good consolation prize for those of us who can’t make it. I’ll be busy doing the same thing I do every week…try to take over the world.

  246. Driving my mother-in-law to therapy and other doctor appointments, upgrading her computer, and writing SDCC recaps for The Geek Girl Project.

  247. While I’m #NotAtComicCon I will be celebrating my Italian heritage at Festa Italiana! Not quite as good, but still pretty up there.

  248. I’m on my way to CT to visit my neices & nephews :) haven’t seen them in a year!

  249. I live in Utah and the 24th of July is a State/Regional holiday. The festivities roll over into the weekend. Pioneer Day in the Mountain Region. We will be celebrating all the men. women, and children who sacrificed so much to that we can have a California and a Comic-Con in San Diego.

  250. While not at Comic Con I am working at the library and hopefully reading some good books.

  251. I will be working on a wonderful concept involving trolls, space travel and a child’s dream as well as working on a birthday story for one of my granddaughters! Life is beautiful when you share your dreams and I am looking forward to the Salt Lake Comic Con where I may be able to meet some of the people who helped me learn to dream big because they lived big, both on the screen and in real life!!

  252. I’m cleaning up the office, while wishing I could be at the Comic-Con!! So close but so far!

  253. I’ll be doing a lot of reading, possibly even begining a Wheel of Time reread. If I do, I will also read Leigh’s WoT reread blog on

  254. Ooooh, a prize for those of us that can’t take time off work and fly out to SDCC? Wooo! I’m in. ;D

  255. While #notatcomiccon I am taking my kids to an improve class and then to a local Renaissance Faire where one of them is performing in the play there. Then I am moving a friend in who needs a place to live for a while, going to Costco, doing dishes and laundry and…gosh I am tired just mentioning all this stuff!

  256. I will be taking my son into surgery to get his tonsils removed! (And he’s a scifi/fantasy fan, too, so anything I get would obviously be shared!)

  257. Enjoying reading,games and movies with my 5yo Daughter, Reading the updates from ComicCon and ooking forward to attending with her in a few years.

  258. I’ll be working, as usual, as well as spending time with a very wonderful person 😛

  259. I’ll be reading tweets, updates and looking at pictures of ComicCon while #NotAtComicCon

  260. I am moving my mother from a nursing home into my home because she can’t afford it anymore.

  261. Plans for the weekend include reading a book, maybe playing some video games. Lots of yard work and just enjoying the weather. If it doesn’t kill me.

  262. At the moment, I am not able to get out of bed. I don’t want to get out; because, I missed ComicCon, again. Too poor to go. So I guess I’ll just lay here and find anything I can on all I’m missing. And get started on Ender’s Game; it’s been on my to-read list like since too long ago. Sigh.

  263. I will be downloading files, mowing the grass, and watching some great comedies on TV.

  264. I’m reading Larry Niven’s latest, ‘The Goliath Stone’ – and it’s a fun read so far !

  265. I’ll be reading Terry Pratchett while waiting for a copy of Requiem (Ken Scholes) to be available from my library. Oh and all the other stuff I always have to do

  266. I will be studying for my midterm, but I plan on rewarding myself with starting the Game of Thrones graphic novel. I’d still rather be at ComicCon 😉

  267. I will be looking for a house at my new job – which will be close enough for ComicCon next year! #NotatComicCon

  268. This week while I’m #NotAtComicCon I get to celebrate my boss’s retirement. She is a published author and has been a great mentor to me! I’ve got to hold down the fort without her now. I’ll be watching a roller derby bought this Saturday and supporting our local girls! But at home I dug up the pipes in my yard to figure out why my washing machine isn’t draining and found some really shoddy work from a contractor…

  269. I took my wife to see Despicable Me 2 yesterday and we’re both working this weekend :(

  270. I would love to bring my husband to SDCC but he has to work and I’m on a fixed income….we will be watching video’s of B Sci-Fi movies that I collect and working in the garden, harvesting turnips and freezing them…..all in all ….I’d rather we were there and not getting any sleep…lol

  271. I will be cleaning my house and getting ready for my mom’s 80th birthday party.

  272. while #NotAtComicCon, I will be busy planning where im going to put the ginormous Ender’s Game movie display we have at work ( I work at a movie theatre) in my house.. im thinking next to the other display for The Wolverine…:D

  273. After nearly a year and a half of unemployment, I will be starting a new job this week :) Very much wish I could be at Comic-Con — but I’m super happy about the job!

  274. I will be sitting on the trolley, going to work, surrounded by by the smiling, glimmering people who actually are going to Comic Con.

  275. I’ll be working on my sci fi novel Bifrost and going to an Over the Rhine concert.

  276. I’ll be taking care of my new baby boy, Oliver, who is 17 days old. I’ll also be working on some scifi short stories and my fantasy novel, “Knife Money.”

  277. I’ll be camping with my daughter in the backyard. In Texas. In July. I must be crazy.

  278. I will sadly be working and watching Twitter for all the things I’m missing. Hoping for next year!

  279. My wife and I will be hanging out with our newborn, Isaiah. At some point run to the store for diapers. After that was hoping to watch either Paranorman or Kung Fu Panda 2. Just a simple day with the fam and ain’t nothing better!

  280. I will be driving the beautiful roads of America delivering products necessary for the survival of Mankind ….at least thats how I think of it!

  281. I’m doing physical therapy for a sprained ankle. Could really use some new reading material :)

  282. I will be following all the news and announcements from the internet, and really wishing I can be there some year soon! Will also pass some of the time reading Clash of Kings :)

  283. Since I’m not at SDCC, I’m cleaning the house to host my wife’s teacher friends. And, of course, watching the Venture Bros. Season finale tomorrow night.

  284. While #notatcomiccon this year because we are taking 7 tweens out on a trip to Grandma’s. Luckily they live above an ice cream shop.

  285. While #notatcomiccon I am seeing my friend who is visiting from Budapest plus a group of my closest buddies at a Greek restaurant. We’re taking goofy pictures like kids. Also, hard at work promoting my book.

  286. While I am #NotAtComicCon this year I am living the farm life. I wanted to go rock my cos on, but sadly could not find a house sitter :( but I AM living vicariously through all the great posts and coverage online.

  287. Oh, man, so many of those books are on my to-be-read list. I have Sea Change checked out from the library right now. This weekend, I went to a fantastic wedding on Cape Cod, and I’m plugging away at catching up on some work. Not a dragon to be fought, alas.

  288. I will be canning homemade raspberry jam, dill pickles, and tomatoes, all from my first-ever garden, with my mother, on my birthday!!!!!

  289. dudes, while #notatcomiccon this year I am at home with the podcast and several new great book reads. #missedthepass

  290. sadly I even entered in the wrong email, so here is the fixer.

    dudes, while #notatcomiccon this year I am at home with the podcast and several new great book reads. #missedthepass

  291. While I am not at ComicCon, I will be finishing my first mosaic, created on my kitchen wall…

  292. I will be at home, telecommuting .. if only I could leave a message on my voicemail, saying, “sorry I missed your call … but I’m at Comic Con this week, suckers! leave a message and maybe I’ll return your call!” ahahaha in my dreams

  293. While I am “NotAtComicCon”, I will be putting in all kinds of crazy hours at work so our customers can have a better shopping experience when we’re done. :)

  294. While my girlfriend is at ComicCon, I get to spend the weekend dog sitting.

  295. While I’m #NotatSDCC and not crying about it, I will be taking care of my brand new tattoo and watching as much Craig Ferguson as I can until (IF – I guess) video of the 50th aniv. Doctor Who panel goes online.

  296. I will be engaging in a dogfight against dragons aboard my space fighter in the outer rims of space. Then, battle the Necromancer in a final duel to the death.

  297. While spending this week #NotAtComicCon I will be working, preparing for Boston Comic Con, and melting in the NH heat wave. (It’s hot for us.)

  298. While I am #NotAtComicCon, I will be
    A) Finishing teaching my summer classes
    B) Sewing up the rips in my pants…don’t ask.
    C) Reading as many books as possible in a week.

  299. well, honestly, i’ll be drinking a cold one, trying to catch a bass, out on lake seminole :) i’m a teacher, but it is my VACATION! :) thanks!

  300. While I was #Not At Comic Con, I was at New York City with my family for my dads birthday. Also I was going to the New Jersey six flags and rode the fastest, tallest roller-coaster in the world. I would love this set though.

  301. I will be working on Mandalorian Armor for my wife, hopefully to be done before wizard World chicago!

  302. Renovating my house, sending in some job applications & watching book one of The Legend of Korra while #NotAtComicCon :)

  303. I will be curled up at home, rereading some of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy/manga classics while classic movies play on the TV! I may also be arguing about Bladerunner with a friend of mine who thinks it’s boring! =)

  304. We put a sheet up on the wall and had movie night with our kids tonight, well technically yesterday since it’s 2:48am. We went to the dollar store and got glow in the dark swords and necklaces and got tons of candy and popcorn. It was pretty awesome.

  305. I will be reading and trying to get my TBR pile down just a little. This week is devoted to James Rollins. I’m three books behind.

  306. Hey Tor Books, I am battling to get my health back this weekend – I am supposed to be on a business trip but opted to cancel and stay home and rest/take care of myself to spear this chronic cough in its gizzard! If only I had Excalibur to spear it with.

  307. I will be attempting to reunite the White Tower and unify the Aes Sedai once more! #WheelofTime #NotAtComiCon

  308. I’ll be working in lab trying to finish PhD in Molecular Biology. All work and no play makes for a dull boy. Help me please!

  309. Well, instead of going to SDCC this weekend, I bought myself tickets for NYCC this October! It can’t take away the fact that I didn’t attend SDCC, but at least there’s some type of justice in it all.

  310. I took my kids to the Corning (NY) Museum of Glass. They loved it, and wanted to go back the next day. Four hour drive said no. :)

  311. There be dragons to slay here, I am sure. The live in my imagination, where I spend the majority of my time. I should be locked up in a padded room, but everyone is convinced that I am a budding writer, a future Hemingway in the making. I shall endeavor to keep that illusion alive, while shuttling my kids about town and planning the yearly jaunt to the vapid tropical deapths of Floridian Everglades. There will be pirates there, I expect. Or mysterious tribes lurking in swamps…. So many stories, so little time….

  312. I will be recovering from the 24 hour “death march” end of my beloved’s kickstarter. 30 days of constant stress (stress for a good reason is still stress) is wearing on the nerves, so a bit of relaxation is demanded.

  313. This weekend I have been on various social network sites pretending I’m there. I will be there next year! I’m also watching the entire 2nd season of Roswell for the first time.

  314. What will I be doing while #NotAtComicCon ? Weeping with jealousy and re-organizing my Secret Six collection.

  315. I want on a movie date and got stuck in the pouring rain. It was movie thater magical.

  316. Playing WOW, doing Laundry, working Sunday. Wishing to be at SDCC.
    Sadpanda face:(

  317. Cooking for a horde of Hobbits #notatcomiccon but am SO going for 2014!!!

  318. I’ll be trying to avoid the ridiculously hot weather… This prize would be awesome!!

  319. Watching through the wormhole on Netflix and celebrating my nephew and my brother in laws Birthdays.

  320. While not at comicon, I will be playing through mass effect 3…a year late!

  321. I’ll be channeling saidin with Rand Al’Thor in preparation for the Last Battle.

  322. I will be writing about the future so I can be invited to SDCC someday!

  323. I will be moving into my new apartment, and decorating the walls with all of my favorite book quotes.

  324. I will be at work reorganizing the Sci-fi/Mystery section of the bookstore, while planning for Comic Con next year!

  325. I would love to win the prizes! I am not at San Diego Comic-Con. :( The books and everything would be used! :)

  326. Went to the Portland Highland games where I sat in the sun, drank beer and watched people throw heavy objects about.

  327. I will be taking my wonderful son to the beach and trying to get some writing done.

  328. I will doing my best at a brand new job while my manager’s on vacation for a week and I will be following twitter (esp. Nathan Fillion and John Barrowman) for ComicCon updates. Great swag collection! Glad to see Modesitt and Doctorow in there.

  329. I will be living vicariously through those who are attending Comic-Con by reading hundreds (thousands maybe?) of tweets on Twitter.

  330. I’ll be finishing my last week of summer classes and probably starting a reread of AMoL by Sanderson. I’d like to win this, I’ve been a fan of Orson Scott Card since 8th grade (I’m from NC) I enjoy the Alvin Maker series as well. I also am a huge fan of Martin’s and L.E. Modsitt’s Imager and Recluse series have been a favorite of mine for a while. If you threw in some Zelazny and Stephen R. Donaldson and Terry Brooks, this package would be almost custom tailored to my tastes 😀

  331. I’m traveling through time and space with a certain alien in a certain blue box. 😉

    • If that’s the case, you have no excuse to have missed the Comic-Con – you got all the time in the world. XD

  332. Going to be camping this week and won’t be able to keep up with all the awesome stuff going on :(. But I was just looking at some of the amazing costumes people had last night. Wish I could be there to see them all in person!

  333. I will be writing my book so that in a few years maybe I can be at comic-con, but as a guest not a tourist!

  334. #NotAtComicCon so I could participate in our local gaming event and fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Well, that and money :)

  335. #notatcomiccon but will be sitting in the ICU with my son while he waits for a lung transplant. Winning this would make his day almost as much as getting those new lungs :-) !!

  336. Spending time atthebeach, so even tho I am #notatcomiccon I can still have a semi-good week…then again, I’m in Hawaii year round so it’s not ALL bad. =)

  337. I will be taking in Pacific Rim, reading all about Comic con online, and planning my trip for next year!

  338. Preparing for the final Desolation by finishing Way Of Kings…and taking my kid to the pool!

  339. One awesome thing I’ll be doing this week, while I’m sadly not at comic-con, is entering this amazing contest and hoping I win!!! Thanks for the chance :)

  340. Hailing from Montana, my girlfriend and I will be taking off on a few hiking trails and backpacking in some glorious mountain ranges.

  341. While I’m #NotAtComicCon I’ll be watching Season 5 of Merlin and recording Sherlock fansongs. While crying over the fact that I’m not at comic con.

  342. Taking the family out to play, remembering Comic-cons of the past when one could actually read comics without having to be in line, but also reading about the cool announcements that happen at Comic-con these days.

  343. Having just moved, I will be spending this week emptying boxes and putting things away.

  344. I’ll be searching the internet for video/instructions on how to install an interior door. And if I get really energetic, I’ll go buy the door and actually get it installed sometime this week.

  345. Won’t be shuttling my kids to soccer practice but I will be shuttling my own old bones to a soccer tourny. 52 and still playing… that and working on my novel… reading… and TEDxJacksonville… and… and… and… #NotAtComicCon :(

  346. Other than being jealous of all those at comic-con while I follow the news from home, I’ve been working (public librarian), going to see Much Ado About Nothing (awesome!), and trying to stay cool in the New England heat wave. Also, trying to figure out how I can possibly go to any part of the Boston comic-con even though I have a family function to attend in Connecticut that weekend :(

  347. Making my way thru the Game of Thrones books while finally convincing hubby to watch season 1 with me. (He LOVED it btw!)

  348. I’ll be swimming with the kiddo’s and playing cab driver for soccer practice!

  349. I’ll be sitting in traffic imagining how similar gridlock on 101 is to waiting to get into comic con:)

  350. Playing science fiction games (Alien Frontier) where the planetary regions are named after science fiction authors.

  351. While not sitting around reading tweets & watching YouTube feeds from NerdHQ or the Marvel live blog, I did spend time with my family, go see Pacific Rim with my son and read more of a Fantasy Life by Matthew Berry

  352. Planning my trip to ny comic con, hoping that is half as good as the San Diego comic con sounds!

  353. i made friday my highlander day, saturday night a big bang theory with friends, sunday spent watching Buffy

  354. I did not attend but let a friend use my condo downtown so he could. He’s a comics creator and needed a place to stay. Instead of attending, I helped my parents with some much-needed chores around their house in Riverside. It was all good.

  355. I will be completing the first half of my summer quarter for college, so after some finals, relaxation and Skyrim are on the agenda! And that sounds fabulous to me!

  356. Decorating my room in our new house. I need more books to add to my “wall of books”

  357. crying my eyes out because i’m missing the awesomeness, and make an AonDor calendar. since I managed to finish Elantris in four days I have so many feels!

  358. It seems like all that I am doing this weekend is driving around in the heat with my dog hanging his head out the window.

  359. I’ll be working on a major project that will change the world for the better…eventually. No REALLY!

  360. I’ll be entering fun giveaways, just like this one this week. Oh and making everyone understand that Bacon makes the world a better place.

  361. I spent the weekend incessantly texting my friend who attended comic-con so he would give me updates, working, and catching up on some reading!

  362. Unfortunately, nothing at all exciting. Catching up on my reading, a little television, cleaning, etc. – What fun! Still too hot for me to do anything strenuous!

  363. I will be auditioning for a local production of Young Frankenstein the musical. Hoping for the part of the monster – “Puttin’ on the ritz!”

  364. I will be going to work every day then going home to an empty and lonely home while my wife and kids spend the week vacationing at South Carlsbad State Beach (I don’t have enough vacation to go with them)

  365. Diving to the bottom of the ocean to fight interdimensional hellkittens bent on domination of this realm for their overlords!

  366. While I may not be at Comic Con, I’ll definitely be there in spirit as I read The Red Plague Affair by Lilith Saintcrow, In the Oceans of Night by Gregory Benford, & Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson … and anxiously awaiting the theatrical release of Ender’s Game.

  367. I was reading articles, looking at friends facebook pictures and thinking of what I need to do to make it to next years SDCC!!

  368. going fishing-maybe catch a monster–but I didn’t–maybe next time

  369. It’s not exactly fabulous, but I’ll be getting paid for working instead of not getting paid for being at Comic-Con. 😉

  370. reading, running errands, melting in heat and humidity and being depressed that i couldn’t be at SDCC (and Nerd HQ). #NotAtComicCon

  371. I will be out searching for treasure with my new metal detector and wishing i could be in San Deigo for Comic Con especially since i have never been to San Deigo or Comic Con!!!