New Releases: 8/25/2015

Alice in the Country of Hearts: White Rabbit and Some Afternoon Tea, Vol. 1 by QuinRose; art by Mamenosuke FujimaruBodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace Vol. 1 by Saito Tatsuo; art by ChibimaruEnd Time by Keith KormanKushiel’s Chosen by Jacqueline CareyLucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Vol. 7-8 by Satoshi MizukamiMargaret Truman’s Internship in Murder by Margaret Truman and Donald BainPathfinder Tales: Liar’s Island by Tim PrattWipeout of the Wireless Weenies by David Lubar

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New Releases: 8/4/2015

24: Deadline by James SwallowDevils and Realist Vol. 6 by Madoka Takadono; art by Utako YukihiroThe Dog Master by W. Bruce CameronDragonar Academy Vol. 7 by Shiki Mizuchi; art by RanEdge of Dawn by Melinda SnodgrassExo by Steven GouldThe Far Tribes of Yellowstone by Richard S. WheelerHaven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto Vol. 1 by Nami SanoKitty Saves the World by Carrie VaughnLock In by John ScalziThe Nightmare Charade by Mindee ArnettRage by Ken ShufeldtSeed Seeker by Pamela SargentA Song to Die For by Mike BlakelyStrong Darkness by Jon Land

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New Releases: 7/21/2015

All Those Vanished Engines by Paul ParkDead Man’s Reach by D.B. JacksonThe First Confessor by Terry Goodkind


Alice in the Country of Clover: Black Lizard and Bitter Taste Vol. 1 by Quinrose; art by Ichimi Minamoto

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Vol. 5 by Ark Performance

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