New Releases: 7/8/2014

A Plunder of Souls by D. B. JacksonThe Executioner's Heart by George MannThe Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 5 based on the novel by Robert Jordan, written by Chuck Dixon, and illustrated by Andie Tong, Marcio Fiorito and Francis NuguitThe Gloomy Ghost by David LubarThe Little Green Book of Chairman Rahma by Brian HerbertRingworld: The Graphic Novel, Part 1 based on the novel by Larry Niven, adapted by Robert Mandell, illustrated by Sean LamThe Wurms of Blearmouth by Steven Erikson

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New Releases: 7/1/2014

Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight’s Knowledge by Quinrose, art by Sai AsaiAlien Hunter by Whitley StrieberAll Those Vanished Engines by Paul ParkArpeggio of Blue Steel Vol. 1 by Ark PerformanceCat in an Alien X-Ray by Carole Nelson DouglasCopper Magic by Julia Mary GibsonGaudeamus by John BarnesHaganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends - Now With 50% More Fail! by Chirow Kazahana, art by Shirabi alt=New Earth by Ben BovaThe Omega Project by Steve AltenRanger’s Trail and Texas Vendetta by Elmer KeltonStrangers by Bill PronziniThe Sacred Blacksmith Vol. 5 by Isao Miura, art by Kotaro YamadaThe Third Kingdom by Terry GoodkindUnwept by Tracy Hickman and Laura HickmanWolfsbane by Gillian Philip

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New Audiobook Release: Earth Awakens by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston, read by Stefan Rudnicki and cast

Earth Awakens by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston, read by Stefan Rudnicki and a full castAbout Earth AwakensNearly 100 years before the events of Orson Scott Card’s bestselling novel Ender’s Game, humans were just beginning to step off Earth and out into the Solar System. A thin web of ships in both asteroid belts; a few stations; a corporate settlement on Luna. No one had seen any sign of other space-faring races; everyone expected that First Contact, if it came, would happen in the future, in the empty reaches between the stars. Then a young navigator on a distant mining ship saw something moving too fast, heading directly for our sun.

When the alien ship screamed through the solar system, it disrupted communications between the far-flung human mining ships and supply stations, and between them and Earth. So Earth and Luna were unaware that they had been invaded until the ship pulled into Earth orbit, and began landing terra-forming crews in China. Politics and pride slowed the response on Earth, and on Luna, corporate power struggles seemed more urgent than distant deaths. But there are a few men and women who see that if Earth doesn’t wake up and pull together, the planet could be lost.

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New Releases: 6/3/2014

Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus and Liars Game Vol. 5 by QuinRose, art by Mamenosuke FujimaruA Barricade in Hell by Jaime Lee MoyerA Centaur's Life Vol. 3 by Kei MurayamaAn Irish Country Courtship by Patrick TaylorBloodstone by Gillian PhilipCrossroads of Twilight by Robert JordanThe Dark Between the Stars by Kevin J. AndersonGirls Und Panzer, Vol. 1 by Girls Und Panzer Projekt, art by Ryouichi SaitaniyaThe Goliath Stone by Larry Niven and Matthew Joseph HarringtonThe Merchant Emperor by Elizabeth HaydonMirror Image by Ice-T and Jorge HinojosaPray for Us Sinners by Patrick TaylorRebellion by Ken ShufeldtRobert A. Heinlein, Vol. 2: In Dialogue with His Century Volume 2: The Man Who Learned Better by William H. PattersonThieves' Quarry by D. B. Jackson

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