New Releases: 11/25/2014

Box Office Poison by Phillipa BornikovaDangerous Women Vol. 3 edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner DozoisDreams of the Golden Age by Carrie VaughnThe Land Across by Gene WolfeMonsters of the Earth by David DrakeRising Sun, Falling Shadow by Daniel KallaRogue Warrior: Curse of the Infidel by Richard Marcinko and Jim DeFeliceWild Cards III: Jokers Wild by George R. R. Martin and Wild Cards Trust


The Soprano Sorceress by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

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New Releases: 11/4/2014

Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight’s Knowledge Vol. 3 by Quinrose; art by Sai AsaiDemonWars: The First King by R. A. SalvatoreThe Tree of Water by Harry HarrisonLowball edited by George R. R. Martin and Melinda M. SnodgrassLucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Vol. 1-2 by Satoshi MizukamiThe Sacred Blacksmith Vol. 6 by Isao Miura; art by Kotaro YamadaThe Spook Lights Affair by Marcia Muller and Bill PronziniWillful Child by Steven EriksonZero’s Familiar Chevalier Vol. 3 by Noboru Yamaguchi; art by Yukari Higa See upcoming releases.

New Releases: 10/28/2014

Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus and Liars Game Vol. 6 by QuinRose; art by Mamenosuke FujimaruDangerous Women Vol. 2 edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner DozoisEsrever Doom by Piers AnthonyThe Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Three based on the novel by Robert Jordan, written by Chuck Dixon, illustrated by Marcio Fiorito and Francis NuguitLong Remember by MacKinlay Kantor; with an introduction by Jeff M. ShaaraThe Midnight Plan of the Repo Man by W. Bruce CameronPoison Pill by Glenn KaplanRedDevil 4 by Eric C. LeuthardtThe Man From Bar-20 and Johnny Nelson by Clarence E. MulfordThe Tree of Water by Elizabeth Haydon See upcoming releases.

New Audiobook Release: An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War by Patrick Taylor; Read by John Keating

An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War by Patrick Taylor; read by John KeatingAbout An Irish Doctor in Peace and at WarDoctor O’Reilly heeds the call to serve his country in An Irish Doctor in Peace and At War, the new novel in Patrick Taylor’s beloved Irish Country series.

Long before Doctor Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly became a fixture in the colourful Irish village of Ballybucklebo, he was a young M.B. with plans to marry midwife Dierdre Mawhinney. Those plans were complicated by the outbreak of World War II and the call of duty. Assigned to the HMS Warspite, a formidable 30,000-ton battleship, Surgeon Lieutenant O’Reilly soon found himself face-to-face with the hardships of war, tending to the dreadnought’s crew of 1,200 as well as to the many casualties brought aboard.

Life in Ballybuckebo is a far cry from the strife of war, but over two decades later O’Reilly and his younger colleagues still have plenty of challenges: an outbreak of German measles, the odd tropical disease, a hard-fought pie-baking contest, and a local man whose mule-headed adherence to tradition is standing in the way of his son’s future. Now older and wiser, O’Reilly has prescriptions for whatever ails…until a secret from the past threatens to unravel his own peace of mind.

Shifting deftly between two very different eras, Patrick Taylor’s latest Irish Country novel reveals more about O’Reilly’s tumultuous past, even as Ballybucklebo faces the future in its own singular fashion.

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New Releases: 10/21/2014

Alice in the Country of Diamonds: Bet On My Heart by Sana Shirakawa; illustrations by Nana FumitsukiArpeggio of Blue Steel Vol. 2 by Ark PerformanceDance in the Vampire Bund: Secret Chronicles by Nozomu TamakiHaganai: I Don't Have Many Friends Vol. 9 by Yomi Hirasaka; art by ItachiHeart of Stone by Debra MullinsThe Ice Dragon by George R.R. MartinAn Irish Doctor in Peace and At War by Patrick TaylorThe Ninth Talisman by Lawrence Watt-EvansNo Game, No Life Vol. 1 by Yuu Kamiya & art by Mashiro Hiiragi

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New Audiobook Release: The Accidental Highwayman by Ben Tripp

The Accidental Highwayman by Ben TrippAbout The Accidental HighwaymanThe Accidental Highwayman is the first swashbuckling adventure for young adults by talented author and illustrator, Ben Tripp. This thrilling tale of dark magic and true love is the perfect story for fans of William Goldman’s The Princess Bride.

In eighteenth-century England, young Christopher “Kit” Bristol is the unwitting servant of notorious highwayman Whistling Jack. One dark night, Kit finds his master bleeding from a mortal wound, dons the man’s riding cloak to seek help, and changes the course of his life forever. Mistaken for Whistling Jack and on the run from redcoats, Kit is catapulted into a world of magic and wonders he thought the stuff of fairy tales.

Bound by magical law, Kit takes up his master’s quest to rescue a rebellious fairy princess from an arranged marriage to King George III of England. But his task is not an easy one, for Kit must contend with the feisty Princess Morgana, goblin attacks, and a magical map that portends his destiny: as a hanged man upon the gallows….

Fans of classic fairy-tale fantasies such as Stardust by Neil Gaiman and will find much to love in this irresistible YA debut by Ben Tripp, the son of one of America’s most beloved illustrators, Wallace Tripp (Amelia Bedelia). Following in his father’s footsteps, Ben has woven illustrations throughout the story.

“Delightful and charming. A swashbuckling adventure in the vein of Robert Louis Stevenson.” —#1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson

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