The Washington Post Reviews Full Fathom Five by Max Gladstone

Full Fathom Five by Max Gladstone“This is the best kind of urban fantasy, filled with diverse characters and thought-provoking philosophies.”

Max Gladstone’s Full Fathom Five has been reviewed in The Washington Post!

Here’s the full review, from the July 22 issue:

In Max Gladstone’s “Full Fathom Five,” the island of Kavekana contains a pool in the center of the world where made-to-order idols are held in safekeeping for customers. A priest, Kai Pohala, realizes something is terribly wrong when an idol not only wakes up, but screams, “Howl, bound world,” and dies. When Kai’s Order covers up the incident, Kai undertakes a secret mission to find out how the idol became sentient. She soon suspects a larger conspiracy as the deaths mount and some people are entombed in stone. Meanwhile, she encounters Izza, a street kid who is a master storyteller and gang leader. Perhaps Izza’s stories hold the key to understanding the idol’s warning cry and stopping the ever-growing list of disappeared friends, priests and poets. A daring rescue attempt reveals betrayals by gods and humans alike, while separate narratives create a dynamic portrait of Kavekana’s twisted socioeconomic system that turns myth into a moneymaking juggernaut. This is the best kind of urban fantasy, filled with diverse characters and thought-provoking philosophies.

You can read the full article here.

Full Fathom Five was published on July 15.

Strong at the Break eBook is Now on Sale for $2.99

Strong at the Break by Jon LandThe ebook for Strong at the Break by Jon Land is now on sale for $2.99!*

About Strong at the Break:
Fifth-generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong returns in an adventure with roots in a gunfight where her father shot down the cult-like leader of a separatist church.

Two decades later, that man’s son, Malcolm Arno, has become head of a militia movement bent on unleashing chaos and anarchy across the country. With all the guns and money he needs to wage a second Civil War, nothing seems to be standing in Arno’s way. Until he runs afoul of Caitlin Strong.

Already mired in one investigation of drug smuggling over the U.S.-Canadian border and another involving an Iraqi war veteran who claims the army is trying to kill him, Caitlin finds herself embroiled in the search for the kidnapped son of former outlaw Cort Wesley Masters. When the missing boy’s trail leads to Malcolm Arno’s Texas compound, the three cases converge in an explosion of violence that will put Caitlin to the ultimate test.

From the frozen rivers of Canada to the desert wastelands of Mexico, the stage has been set for a battle like none Caitlin has ever faced before, where the stakes are nothing less than the survival of America as we know it.

*sale ends August 29

Lock In by John Scalzi on LibraryReads’ August 2014 Top Ten List

Lock In by John Scalzi

John Scalzi’s Lock In has been selected for the August 2014 LibraryReads Top Ten List!

LibraryReads says:

“There’s been a good run of fantasy and science fiction books this year. Joining the list of great fantastical reads is John Scalzi’s Lock In. Scalzi is best known for his military SF (especially the Old Man’s War series), so his latest is a change of pace. A blending of SF and police procedural that hits every note just right.”

Click here to see the full list.

Lock In will be published on August 26.

Fuzzy Nation eBook is Now on Sale for $2.99

Fuzzy Nation by John ScalziThe ebook for Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi is now on sale for $2.99!*

About Fuzzy Nation: Jack Holloway works alone, for reasons he doesn’t care to talk about. Hundreds of miles from ZaraCorp’s headquarters on planet, 178 light-years from the corporation’s headquarters on Earth, Jack is content as an independent contractor, prospecting and surveying at his own pace. As for his past, that’s not up for discussion.

Then, in the wake of an accidental cliff collapse, Jack discovers a seam of unimaginably valuable jewels, to which he manages to lay legal claim just as ZaraCorp is cancelling their contract with him for his part in causing the collapse. Briefly in the catbird seat, legally speaking, Jack pressures ZaraCorp into recognizing his claim, and cuts them in as partners to help extract the wealth.

But there’s another wrinkle to ZaraCorp’s relationship with the planet Zarathustra. Their entire legal right to exploit the verdant Earth-like planet, the basis of the wealth they derive from extracting its resources, is based on being able to certify to the authorities on Earth that Zarathustra is home to no sentient species.

Then a small furry biped—trusting, appealing, and ridiculously cute—shows up at Jack’s outback home. Followed by its family. As it dawns on Jack that despite their stature, these are people, he begins to suspect that ZaraCorp’s claim to a planet’s worth of wealth is very flimsy indeed…and that ZaraCorp may stop at nothing to eliminate the “fuzzys” before their existence becomes more widely known.

*sale ends August 29

Starred Review: The Ultra Thin Man by Patrick Swenson

The Ultra Thin Man by Patrick Swenson“Pig Latin, an exotic drug, a comic strip, and a retractable penis add colorful detail to a showdown that puts love and sacrifice at the heart of the self.”

Patrick Swenson’s The Ultra Thin Man got a starred review in Publishers Weekly!

Here’s the full review, from the June 2 issue:

This splendidly lively SF debut alternates between the narrations of Alan Brindos and Dave Crowell, two irreverent gumshoes who work for the Network Intelligence Organization of the eight-world Union in the year 2113. Crowell sends Brindos to the planet Ribon, the site of a devastating antimatter attack, to investigate the apparent suicide of human Dorie Senall, who was possibly affiliated with Terl Plenko, an alien and terrorist. Swenson provides Shakespearean riffs on identity as Brindos is transformed into a Plenko clone and becomes a target for the NIO. The race for a key that nobody can identify pits Brindos, Crowell, and friends against alien manipulators of identity seeking to control the Union by substituting copy “thin men” for genuine individuals. Pig Latin, an exotic drug, a comic strip, and a retractable penis add colorful detail to a showdown that puts love and sacrifice at the heart of the self.

The Ultra Thin Man will be published on August 12.

Tor Finalists for the World Fantasy Awards

A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS and THE LAND ACROSS are finalists in the Novel category, and QUEEN VICTORIA’S BOOK OF SPELLS and DANGEROUS WOMEN are a finalists in the Anthology category.

Two Tor authors are being awarded the Life Achievement Award: Ellen Datlow and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and Irene Gallo is a finalist for the Special Award–Professional for art direction for also has two finalists in the Novella category and one in the Short Story category.

Here is the complete list of Tor’s finalists:

This year’s judges are Andy Duncan, Kij Johnson, Oliver Johnson, John Klima, and Liz Williams. Winners will be announced at the 2014 World Fantasy Convention held in Washington, D.C. in November.

Get a free, signed bookplate by Terry Goodkind!

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Announcing The League of Seven Tour!

The League of Seven by Alan Gratz Come meet author Alan Gratz on tour for his latest novel, The League of Seven!

Here’s where you can find Alan:

Friday, August 29 – Monday, September 1: Dragon Con and Decatur Book Festival / Decatur OH
Decatur Panel: Worlds of Adventure
Date: Saturday, 8/30/14
Time: 1:00

Tuesday, September 9: Copperfield’s Books / Petaluma, CA
140 Kentucky St.
Petaluma, CA 94952

Wednesday, September
10: Copperfield’s Books / Santa Rosa, CA

775 Village Ct.
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Thursday, September 11: Kepler’s Books / Menlo Park, CA
1010 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Monday, September 22 – Tuesday, September 23: The Country Book Shop / Southern Pines, NC
140 NW Broad St.
Southern Pines, NC 28387

Friday, September 26: Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe / Asheville, NC
55 Haywood St.
Asheville, NC 28801

Friday, October 3: Square Books / Oxford, MS
160 Courthouse Square
Oxford, MS 38655

Saturday, October 11: Books by the Banks Festival / Cincinnati, OH
Duke Energy Convention Center
525 Elm St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Monday, October 13: Blue Marble Children’s Book Store / Fort Thomas, KY
1356 S Ft Thomas Ave.
Fort Thomas, KY 41075

Tuesday, October 14 – Wednesday, October 15: The Book Stall at Chestnut Court / Winnetka, IL
811 Elm St.
Winnetka, IL 60093

Thursday, October 16: Anderson’s Bookshop / Naperville, IL
123 W Jefferson Ave
Naperville, IL 60540

Thursday, November 6: Barnes & Noble / Fayetteville, NC
121 Glensford Dr.
Fayetteville, NC 28314

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Tor Books Announces Programming for San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Tor Books is heading to San Diego Comic-Con!

Once again Tor (Booth# 2707) continues our wildly popular *in-booth signings and giveaways, offering you a chance to meet your favorite authors up close and personal and pick up free books. We’ve got a great line up including appearances by: John ScalziGreg van EekhoutTobias Buckell, and Tor Teen debut author Ben Tripp.


Thursday, July 24th

  • 12:00 – 1:00am Panel: Fairy Tale Remix, Room 32AB
    Tor Teen author Ben Tripp (The Accidental Highwayman) joins Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles) and others that will give insight to the fairy tales of old, and new!
  • 1:30pm – 2:30 pm Signing to follow in the autographing area, Table AA09
  • 1:30pm – Author Reading Spotlight – John Scalzi, Science Fiction Author Cosplay, Horton Grand Theater, 444 4th Ave, between Island and J Street.
    John Scalzi reads from his forthcoming near-future thriller, Lock In, answers audience questions and maybe even serenades them on the ukulele!
  • 3:00pm – 4:00pm Panel: When Magic & Myth Meet Main Street, Room 25ABC
    When stories mix modern cities like Paris, LA, New York with magic, myth and demon spawn they are collectively known as Urban Fantasy, and many of today’s popular authors are adding their otherworldly ingredients to the melting pots of modern (and not-so-modern) society. Join some of today’s top urban fantasy authors, including Greg van Eekhout (California Bones), Jim Butcher, Seanan McGuire and others as they discuss why something old with something new equals gold.
  • 4:30pm – 5:30pm Signing to follow in the autographing area, Table AA09

Friday, July 25th

  • 1:00pm – 2:00pm Panel: 101 Ways to Kill a Man, Room 32AB
    Coming up with creative ways to commit mayhem and murder is the lifeblood of these talented thriller authors. A fatal chimera virus; hybridized bioengineered parasites; murderous microchips; lethal electric stimuli; deathstrike via satellite targeting. How many ways can you kill someone? Join top thriller authors Tobias Buckell (Hurricane Fever)Greg Hurwitz (Don’t Look Back) and others as they discuss the art of delivering deadly thrills. But don’t worry too much. A little light reading never killed anyone.
  • 2:30pm – 3:30pm Signing to follow in the autographing area, Table AA09

Saturday, July 26th

  • 12:00pm Tor Booth (#2707) Signing: Hurricane Fever – Tobias Buckell
  • 2:30pm – 3:30pm Panel: The Art of Fear, Room 8
    Horror novels have been keeping us at night for years. From puppets that come to life, to creepy-crawly worm, haunted towns, demons out for blood, killer wolves, possible possessions, to the apocalypse, these authors give you goosebumps while you read. Glen Hirschberg (Motherless Child), moderates this panel featuring, Mira Grant and others as they discuss their novels, the writing process, and why you keep the light on while you read.
  • 4:00pm – 5:00pm Signing to follow in the autographing area, Table AA09

Make sure to follow @TorBooks on Twitter for up to date information and last minute events!

*All Tor Booth signings are on a first come first serve basis and while supplies lasts. Limit one book per person.

Book Trailer: The Little Green Book of Chairman Rahma by Brian Herbert

The Little Green Book of Chairman Rahma by Brian Herbert

A revolution has taken over the government of the United States and the environment has been saved. All pollution has been banned and reversed. It’s a bright, green new world. But this new world comes with a great cost. The United States is ruled by a dictatorship and the corporations are fighting back. Joining them are an increasing number of rebels angered by the dictatorship of Chairman Rahma. The Chairman’s power is absolute and appears strong, but in The Little Green Book of Chairman Rahma by Brian Herbert, cracks are beginning to show as new weapons are developed by the old corporate powers, foreign alliances begin to make inroads into America’s influence . . . and strange reports of mutants filter through the government’s censorship.

The Little Green Book of Chairman Rahma , by Brian Herbert, publishes on July 8.