Quantum Break Sweepstakes

We are all blind navigators. In one lifetime a person makes countless decisions. Each choice spawns a new universe. The chosen present births its logical future – but one timeline among a myriad. My life’s mission is to safeguard the universe I have created from the choices I have made. —From the journals of Dr….


Hunters Sweepstakes

They are many. They are everywhere. And they are angry. Hunters premieres on SyFy in one week! We are celebrating by offering the chance to win a copy of the book. About Hunters: When police investigator Flynn Carroll’s wife disappears, he discovers that someone is abducting people and then framing the abductees as runaways. While…


Designing Story: Quantum Break

Written by Cam Rogers “It does not make much difference what a person studies. All knowledge is related, and the man who studies anything, if he keeps at it, will become learned.” —Hypatia “Designers of all types of entertainment—books, movies, plays, music, rides, everything—have to cope with the same issue: How can you create something…